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          TerraViam Natural Vegan market is an Etsy shop that specializes in vegan body products. Their products range from body butters and soaps to body mists and laundry detergents. Here is an excerpt from their ‘About’ page so you can become better aquatinted with TerraViam’s mission:

LESS IS MORE….We have a passion for things natural and simple.
It almost seems like so long ago now, but I have pleasant thoughts of my grandparents farm in Salisbury NH. My memories are of country life, where things were handcrafted whenever possible. Soap, toiletries, clothing and food. It was a beautiful life and we feel very lucky to have lived it……so now I would like to share with you what I was raised on.
No Harsh or Toxic Chemicals
All Vegan
No Petrochemicals
Cruelty Free
Minimal Packaging
Fresh Ingredients
Made Fresh To Order
Free Trade
Organic whenever possible
          Now, I wanted to write a review on some of the products that I ordered from them because of how impressed I was with everything. Naturally I ordered from their line of tobacco scented products called The Tobacco Lounge and I got some Shaving Soap, Body Butter and their Solid Cologne.

Shaving Soap

il_570xN.444937946_ftw2          The shaving soap, like many of their products come in a steam-punk designed metal tin with a screw-top lid. The soap is in solid form so that you can use a badger brush to lather up the soap with some warm water and then apply it to your face.

          You would expect that a soap, or any product for that matter, that is scented with a tobacco fragrance to be pungent, however this is not the case. There are some definite notes of sweet pipe tobacco, but it is remarkably fresh. What it really reminded me of was a gentlemen’s club in England and all the old men with their pipes and tweed jackets; in essence it is a really nice masculine scent that doesn’t overpower the senses. The lather was also nice because it didn’t have any undue suds. The cream was soft and light and left the aroma of the soap on my skin all day, which is not very common with the artificial shaving soaps. All-in-all this is a go to soap for all of you gentlemen who want to reminisce on a bygone time.

       Body Butter

il_570xN.231616905          TerraViam’s Nutritive body butter takes off where the shaving soap left off. For those of you who loved the scent of the shaving soap, the Body Butter can help you propagate that beautiful aroma on your hands, arms, legs and face. I was actually really surprised at how well it worked at removing blemishes on my forehead after just a few uses. The butter is very light and after a few messages it drys quickly without leaving that annoying oily residue.

          Like the soap, the scent lasts for hours, and honestly it becomes addicting because you cant stop from going to the tin to apply some more!

Solid Cologne

         il_570xN.447024104_azqw The solid cologne is something that I’v never really seen. The closest way to describe how it looks and works is to compare it to a cylindrical deodorant stick. The nice part of this stick is that it is smaller than it looks and can tuck away nicely into a pocket or bag. When applied it has a slight moisture which dries quickly so that your face and neck don’t stay greasy. The best part about this cologne, like the previous two products, is that it lasts all day!

          The scent itself is very similar to that of the butter and soap, however this one is slightly more subdued so that you don’t overpower the room, like you would if you wear the traditional alcohol based liquid colognes. It is a very masculine and elegant scent.

          Overall, I’m really happy with TerraViam‘s products and they definitely have my business for life. The balance of aromas and the background note of sweet tobacco make these addicting products a pleasure to behold. Remember,The Tobacco Lounge is one of many ranges that TerraViam offers. Perhaps next will be the Professor Line of scents!

          You can visit TerraViam‘s Etsy Shop HERE to browse and purchase all of their great products.


By: Steven Umbrello – Senior Editor


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