Simply Great Beard Oil – Tobacco Scented

          Although I don’t have a full beard, I decided that I needed to take care of what little I had. That being said, I chose to use beard oil to keep those unkept hairs at bay. I never really understood the purpose of beard oil until I started doing my research and didn’t know that it didn’t just keep hairs in place, but moisturizes your hair and skin as well as keeps the hair soft.

          I looked all over the internet until I finally made the choice of which beard oil to buy. I naturally wanted a tobacco scented beard oil and the highest rated and most valuable beard oil is one that is made by Simply Great Beard Oil. Their oils come in 3oz glass jars and really give you bang for your buck. Here is some more information on their company and product:

Simply Great Beard Oils are handmade from scratch recipes in small batches. We are a husband-and-wife small business located in beautiful New England creating unique artisan bath and body products. Our customers love the performance they get from our Beard Oil!

We use only the highest quality natural oils and keep low inventory to ensure the freshest product possible. Our Beard Oil has been tried and true for years and we’re excited to bring this new brand to our fellow Etsians.

We use the hair softening power of nut and Wheat oils along with natural Rosemary oil to coat beard hairs and naturally soften them without using heavy waxes, pomades or otherwise strange products. It’s fast absorbing and you only need a bit on the tips of fingers to get results.

          il_570xN.585439365_4ai5The jars come with a small polymer rod that is attached the underside of the screw on cap. This helps to only capture a few drops at a time, remember ‘less is more’ when it comes to beard oil. I actually use a little more than normal because I like to run it through my hair, this way my hair smells nice and has that healthy looking shine to it.

          The scent that I chose, tobacco, is really marvellous to say the least. It doesn’t have the pungent or musty smell, rather it has notes of fresh herbs and sweet pipe tobacco. To be honest, I can’t really keep my hands away from it, I always feel the temptation to go to the bottle and put some on. Lately its becomes the favour part of my grooming routine, and for good reason….its fantastic.

           If you’re looking to keep those wild whiskers in check, or just to keep your hair and beard looking healthy and happy you can visit Simply Great Beard Oil at their online store HERE and their Etsy shop HERE. Additionally, you can find Simply Great Beard Oil on Facebook & Twitter


By: Steven Umbrello – Senior Editor

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