Hidden Treasures (Captain’s Den in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

DSC00124Nestled in a neat little corner at the Safeway entrance of the Market Mall at 2325 Preston Avenue in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a neat little tobacco and gift shop called Captain’s Den.

When I first entered, the charming and pretty cashier and the assortment of games and gifts, as well as the seeming lack of any tobacco products made me wonder if I had walked into a tobacco store at all.  However, Kaitlyn, as I learned her name assured me that I was in the right place, and that the mirrored shelves behind the counter hid a number of great humidors and pipe tobaccos.

Apparently, since the Captain’s Den is open to minors, adult products, such as tobacco must be hidden from view, but Kaitlyn was more than happy to show us around their selection of Cuban and non-Cuban cigars at reasonable prices.  Well, reasonable prices for Canada anyway.

And while they had very few pipe smoking supplies, there was a reasonable selection of Peterson, Brigham, and David’s Blend pipe tobaccos, as well as four custom blends made for the store, which I will be reviewing one of later.DSC00123

Kaitlyn admitted that she was not the world’s greatest expert on cigars, and that she had only been working there for a few short years, but she was eagerly learning.

I didn’t get the opportunity to speak with the owner, Tara McKee, but Kaitlyn assures me that the owner has her hand in pretty much all the operations of the store.

In the end, I walked out with a bag of tobacco, the beginnings of a review, and a good shopping experience.

If you ever have opportunity to be in Saskatoon, I had to recommend you check out Tara’s store, and hopefully Kaitlyn is working, grab yourself a few cigars and…

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

4 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures (Captain’s Den in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

  1. I visit there once in a while for my pipe supplies. I guess you did not look behind all the mirrors on the side. They have a huge pipe rack with about 80 different pipes and all the pipe accessories you could need.. Great review, I am sure Tara McKee (not McGee) and her staff will be thrilled.

  2. I’m a newbie to smoking cigars, can they help me out on where I should start and help with the differences in cigars?

    • Sorry it took so long to get back on this one. The magazine has been dormant for a while. But the hubby says he thinks that as long as you talk to the owner they would probably be good for that. By now they’ve likely at least learned what is popular with their customer base! And who knows? Maybe the clerk Erin talked to has brought herself up to speed a bit more in the past couple of years. Either way it couldn’t hurt to ask!

      If they don’t turn out to be as helpful as you hoped, perhaps you might find some assistance in our articles that fall under the category “Tobacco University.” We discuss things like terms for different shades of wrappers, and offer some description about what sort of flavour profiles you might typically expect, which could at least give you a place to start.

      Thanks for such a good question!

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