Long Overdue! (Sutliff Private Stock Barbados Plantation in a Falcon International)

pb-sffSo, once again I find myself sitting alone in the little cabin of our RV getting some space.  We’ve been two days in Winnipeg, and my wife is off to her book signing after a successful concert last night.

Well, with nothing better to do, I open up my pipe tobacco cellar to find something in order to review.  It is then that I notice my ever-growing collection of Sutliff Private Stock, and realize that I am long overdue for a Sutliff review.

So I dig out my tin of Barbados Plantation, and carefully set it down on the table.

You see, the last time I went to do a review of Barbados Plantation, I opened the tin that our sponsors at Sutliff had sent me, only to have it leap from my hands and spill all over my dog hair ridden floor.  I tried to save it, I really I did, but with the amount of dog hair it was entirely un-smokable.

So this time, I took no chances and ordered three cans.

Anyways, tobacco review says this about the tobacco;

Rich Barbados Rum applied to a base of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish.

Well, I’m not normally a Black Cavendish fan, but I’m definitely a fan of Burley, Virginia, and Rich Barbados Rum, so I carefully open the tin.

I am immediately greeted with a warm, dark, pungent perfume of the Barbados rum, and though the tobacco is dark with the Black Cavendish it is thoroughly sprinkled with lighter Virginias and Burleys.

The blend seems a little moist, so I place some out to air out before loading it into my falcon international with bulldog bowl.

Aired out for 15 minutes, the smoke is an easy light and I am soon issuing huge clouds of delicious smoke, and just as I’m about to write this part of the review my hubby walks in, and I stop to enjoy the pipe with him for about 20 minutes.

Definitely a social smoke, the room note is very pleasant, sweet and dark, and the taste lends itself well to socializing.  It is not so strong that you vibrate, but it is strong enough to get the synapses firing, so that by the time my hubby leaves I am in total review mode.

The Falcon really is an amazingly cool smoke, and the tobacco itself is totally without any bite.

An amazingly delicious smoke, it is the sort of smoke that could turn me into an aromatic fan.  I’m not certain that I am ready to give up my English yet, but I will definitely smoke more of this.

“And at the bottom of the bowl?” you ask.  Nothing, just fine white ash, no dottle at all.

If you are at all a rum fan, you are certainly going to enjoy this blend.  Even if you’re not a fan of aromatic Black Cavendish, I recommend you try this one, you just might be surprised.

You can get it pipesandcigars.com or smokingpipes.com for about $6 and change, USD for the 1.5 oz tin, or as always with Sutliff’s Products you can contact them directly at their WEBSITE and they will help you find an American retailer near you.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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