The Griffin’s Gran Robusto Review

Brand: The Griffins

Line: Gran Robusto

Size: 5 3/4″ X 52

Shape: Robusto

Wrapper: Connecticut Equador

Binder: Pelo de Oro Seco

Filler: San Vicente Seco, Piloto Visus and Olor Visus 

Origin: Dominican Republic

Machine or Hand-rolled: Hand-rolled

Age: N/A

Price: $14.15 USD

Where to Purchase: Atlantic Cigar Co.

          I have always found myself going to the Davidoff line of cigars when I am in the mood for a mild-medium bodies stick. However, most cigar lovers know that Davidoff cigars are a bit on the pricy side and rarely go on sale. However, The Griffin’s cigars, which are made in the Davidoff factory, are a great substitute. The cigars come in a traditional cabinet box with a cedar slip and a ribbon binding the cigars together. Each stick has that classic Davidoff aroma of hay and barnyard.

          I was really excited to try this cigar out because of all the great reviews that it has. I cut off the cap with my double guillotine and toasted the foot with a piece of cedar that i had lying around. The aroma on the first draw was definitely Davidoff with a distinctive Cuban touch on the finish.

First Third (1/3) – 15 min

          The draw on this stick was marvellous and It produced a good amount of smoke. The burn was razor sharp and the taste at this point was definitely predominated by cedar and burnt wood. There were slight hints of espresso on the finish but it was fleeting. Overall a great third.

Second Third (2/3) 20 min

          The second third was definitely the star of the show. I had some insane creaminess and an oily slickness on my lips. Notes of aged tobacco and sweet coffee and chocolate complimented the dry notes of cedar marvellously. I was savouring every minute of it.

Final Third (3/3) – 15 min

          The final third was reminiscent of the previous but with noticeable reduction of the chocolate and coffee flavours. They were notes of cedar on the finish but as the burn approached the band point the cigar started to heat up and eventually got to hot for my taste. What flavours I did get were very delicious, but it was more of a bold sweetness rather then the balanced flavours that I got in the previous third.

Total Burn Time: 50 min

The Verdict

          The Griffin’s Gran Robusto is a faithful representation of the balanced flavours that come out of the Davidoff factory. The notes of cedar, chocolate and coffee made up a great profile of flavours. The only downfall was the heat that ramped up in the last inch of the stick, but it is not a big knock on the quality. Overall the stick was a pleasure to smoke and I will relish the thought of another! Taking all of these notes into account The Griffin’s Gran Robusto on the Leather Library’s 10-Point Stogie Scale gets a:


By: Steven Umbrello – Owner & Executive Editor


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