I Guess You Get What You Pay For (Partagas Habana Cuba Chicos)

I was in the mood for something Cuban when I was in Sherwood Park, but lacking somewhat in funds, I decided to sample the very reasonably-priced Partagas Habana Chicos, with a mind to sharing with my gentlemen.  Partagas is a highly-respected Cuban brand so I was hopeful despite the low price point.

The cigarellos are attractive little mini-cigars, with all the elements of a good cigar in wrapping, wrapper note, and appearance and scent.  The red label isn’t brilliant but it isn’t bad either.  I lit one of the pre-cut cigarellos; not expecting to be wowed, but expecting to enjoy that Cuban red earth flavour.

I found it.  But I also found a bitter and acrid nasty aftertaste like a cigarette, which I despise. Further, it clearly was burning a dingy ashen grey, indicating that it has been adulterated with something.  It tasted like the smell of my mother’s ashtray.  I could not handle more than a couple of draws before I had to hand it off to someone else.

My rating:

1 star

You can find the Partagas at Top Cigars for $39 Cnd for a 25 pack or at Canadian Cigars for $98.30 Cnd for 25 pack, but in this lady’s perspective, you shouldn’t waste your money!

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