Blowing Smoke (The Smoke Shop, Regina, Saskatchewan)

IDSC00792n our tour around Western Canada, we’ve been keeping an eye out for tobacconists wherever we go, so we were excited when we found the Smoke Shop in Northgate Mall in Regina, Saskatchewan, directly across from the Coles bookstore.  Lured by the epithet “House of Cuban,” I hoped to find a couple of delectable treasures to review as the tour progressed.

I was deeply disappointed.  First of all, when we walked in, the two young men who were minding the store (whether they were the proprietors or employees I could not tell) glanced briefly up from the stock they were unpacking in the middle of the store (forcing customers to dodge around,) grunted, “Hey,” and went right back to what they were doing, ignoring us completely, even though we were looking keenly at the humidor and making chatter about their cigar selection and the different options available.

Second, their “Cuban” selection was mostly Montecristos (decent cigars, but you can get them anywhere that sells Habano cigars) with a handful of Romeo et Juliettas.  I’ll confess that they were decently priced for a Canadian tobacconist though.  They had several non-Cubans as well, which were generally decent brands, such as Don Thomas.

But, and here’s the third disappointment, their selection was quite limited, because they were mostly a head shop.  Their collection of little glass pipes and bongs were quite prestigious.

So, we left without buying anything, and without telling them they were going to be reviewed.  Between the lousy customer service and the limited cigar selection that, I expect, were really a cover to legitimize their head shop in a Saskatchewan mall, I would say they’re blowing smoke up our collective rear ends.  In other words, don’t waste your time.

Perhaps they should have considered a lady’s perspective!

6 thoughts on “Blowing Smoke (The Smoke Shop, Regina, Saskatchewan)


  2. Pity that The Lady, who professes to be an estimable reviewer of tobacconists, thinks “House of Cuban” is an “epithet”, thought “their collection […] were quite prestigious”, and failed to correctly spell any of the following:

    Habanos cigars,
    Romeo y Julieta cigars,
    Don Tomas cigars

    Between all that, I would say in perspective, Lady, hie thee to a schoolhouse.


    • Thank you for your opinion.

      People who do not want bad reviews for their shops should not be rude to their customers. And I see your strategy is to continue to be rude. How unfortunate.

      But, of course, you’re entitled to your opinion. And to run your shop anyway you like. Good luck to you!

      • Oh, madame, you misconstrue;
        Your magick powers fagged;
        I have no interest in that shop,
        the one that you sandbagged.

        I simply fear, reviewer dear,
        perspective goes for naught,
        when simple skills of literacy
        one wonders were you taught.

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