House Special! (Thomas Hinds House Nicaraguan Corona Natural Robusto)

DSC01067After our friendly reception at Thomas Hinds in Winnipeg, we were offered two complementary cigars to review.  My first opportunity to indulge in a good cigar afterwards didn’t come until we were back in Edmonton.  I selected the Nicaraguan first.  This attractive robusto was a light golden Colorado claro.  Its wrapper smelled of new-mown hay and its leaves were apparent, with some interesting veins and a rough leaf edge, and a couple of marks that were probably holes in the leaf when it was rolled.  Its seams and its attractive double-cap seemed solid and its pack was of medium firmness, with a bit of sponginess to it that suggested moisture.  The roll was intriguing.  It looked like the fillers were made of a central tube with small tubes around it.  Its label was simple and elegant; parchment and gold foil.

DSC01514The wrapper note was mostly golden tobacco and some earthy elements, with a touch of hay, which I seem to be sampling a lot lately.  It cut easily and with no tearing when I sliced it with my double guillotine cutter, and it lit without much difficulty.  The initial taste was buttery and with a clay note, touched with a dash of hay, and it produced volumous amounts of smoke.  Almost immediately I was hit with a jolt of nicotine (which I was looking forward to; I was very tired from the road) and my lips began to tingle.  As the smoke progressed I noted that the ash was greyish rather than white, so I suspect some nicotine was added.  It lacked any sort of bitterness at all and I liked it immediately, but it certainly wasn`t the mild smoke its appearance suggested!  Very strong, strong in a way that I have only experienced with “the Edge” by Rocky Patel.

DSC01530Even Jamie was impressed with its quality and he strongly prefers habanos (Cubans).  It is definitely not an in-law smoke, as it fills the air with the scent of high-quality cigar tobacco.  This is the sort of smoke you’d offer as the dessert course at a power dinner; but only in downtown Winnipeg!

We noted that this unusual roll caused it to burn quickly and HOT!  It was neither dry nor moist; indeed, it was just the right temperature and humidity, and it burned with no difficulty at all.  But I found I was unable to take more than a few draws at a time; and even Erin found that a single inhale left him jittering.

DSC01062I was obliged to clip it at about the first third, which was about twenty minutes in, so I don’t think I got the full feel of the smoke, nor the length of it.  It smoked quickly enough that I believe it would continue to do so throughout, and that it would likely take an hour to smoke the whole stick if you were smoking alone.

Just after purging there was a faint whiff of spice, gone again almost immediately.

My overall verdict; it’s a decent smoke that would impress your friends; strong but lacking complexity.  However, for $9.80 Cnd, this is excellent value for your money.  Don’t smoke it on an empty stomach and do NOT inhale!  But don’t worry, those oddly folded ligero fillers keep it burning well enough that you never really have to smoke it cold.

My rating:

4 stars

You can get this unique house blend only at Thomas Hinds (you lucky bastards who have one in your town.)  And that is a lady’s perspective!

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