It’s Contest Time, Again!

Yes, you heard that right, it’s contest time, again here at Smoking Jacket Magazine!

Thanks to our great sponsors at Sutliff and their new partnership with Brigham, we’re able to bring you this contest!

Great prizes await including pipes, tobacco, hats, mugs, and T-shirts!

And now, you ask, “what do we have to do to enter?”

One thing at a time, first let me tell you about the contest.

In celebration of Sable’s new book, we embarked upon a western Canadian book tour.  As part of that tour, I took the opportunity to visit various brick and mortar tobacconists in the cities we visited and wrote about my experiences with them.  Sable also took the opportunity to write a review involving one of the tobacconists we visited that shone a negative light upon them, though personally I wouldn’t have wasted the ink.

Well, now the book tour is over and though there are still a few reviews left to publish, we are finding ourselves regretting that we couldn’t have visited more places.  Well, that’s where you come in.

The contest is simple, and open to anyone who reads our magazine, with the exception of myself, Sable, and Steven as fulltime staff.  Our freelance writers, and part time staff are welcome to submit to this contest as well.

To submit; write a story, or a review, or make some art depicting your local favorite brick and mortar tobacconist and send it to us at and I will see that the other judges get a copy.

All submissions worthy of print will be published on the web site for the viewership/readership to review.  By “worthy of print” I generally mean legible, literate, and looks like it was written by an adult.  Matching those three criteria, your submission will be published.

All published works are eligible to win one of three prizes.

The contest judges, who will include the fulltime staff at Smoking Jacket Magazine, as well as one non-staff member to help judge artistic submissions, will pick their favorite three from all published submissions and those picks (maximum of 12) will be posted online in the form of a poll where the readership will pick their favorite, and the top three at the end of the contest time will be the prize winners.

Submissions will run from this post until midnight Pacific Standard Time on November 30 with the 12 leading submissions appearing in the December mega- issue.  The prize winning submissions will be picked by popular poll starting 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time on December 1 and running until midnight Pacific Standard Time December 7.

Enter as often as you like, but only one submission per author per tobacconist.  However, if you frequent three different tobacconists feel free to send us three submissions, and there is a chance, rare though it may be, that you could win all three prizes.

So to reiterate, submit a picture, a drawing, a story, a poem, a review, etc. about your favorite brick and mortar tobacconist.  We will pick our favorite three (Steven, Sable, Jamie, and me) and post all those that are worthy of print and on November 30 at midnight, I will create a poll of our favorites and you, the readership, will pick your favorite one (one pick each) and the top three of those will each win a prize.

Well, what are the prizes you ask?

First prize is a tobacco pipe donated by Brigham, a brand new never before released tobacco by MacBaren, one can of Sutliff’s tobacco of your choice, a T-shirt, a hat, and a mug.

Second prize is a tobacco pipe donated by Val Shannahan, a brand new never before released tobacco by MacBaren, one can of Sutliff’s tobacco of your choice, a hat, and a mug.

And third prize is a brand new never before released tobacco by MacBaren, one can of Sutliff’s tobacco of your choice, and a hat.

Finally, since I have a world audience, I do not require that submissions be in English.  Thanks to the magic of Google translate I’m capable of reading submissions in other languages so long as you inform me of what languages it is written in, and spelling is very important as the translator will not translate misspelled words.

Good luck!  And thanks for playing!

In the meantime;

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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