Vanilla Vanilla (CAO Bella Vanilla Petite Corona)

Next up in my CAO Flavours Sampler, I chose to sample the Bella Vanilla petite corona.  The handy little card that came in the set had this to say:

Bella Vanilla contains vanilla beans from Madagascar, the premier source of vanilla in the world.  This exquisite extract is gently misted into a blend of mild Dominican tobaccos and finished with a Grade One Cameroon wrapper.  This combination creates a rich cigarillo with an intoxicating aroma.  Enchant your palate with the sumptuousness of Bella Vanilla as you repose in a velvet sin of delight.

DSC01651You see what I mean about the romance novel language?  Still, the presentation was, as you can see, beautiful, with its yellow ribbon, matching label and cedar shaving.  Its double-cap was well constructed and it smelled divine.  Not like that horrid artificial vanilla flavouring, but like real vanilla beans, the kind I have ground up and mixed into incense.  And you could still detect the delectable Cameroon wrapper underneath.

Peeling back the ribbon and the shaving, once again CAO proved that their cigarillos are not neglected in terms of quality of construction.  There were few veins in the light tan-shaded (Colorado claro) wrapper.  The lovely smell became even stronger.

I punched the cigarillo and here it lost some marks due to the cap peeling slightly when I punched it.  However, the leaf was removed without difficulty and it lit easily, and with such a pleasant room note that I am certain the in-laws would think it was potpourri.

The flavour was delicious, sweet, and overwhelmingly good quality vanilla.  As a woman who enjoys a good cigar I must express some disappointment in that I could hardly taste the tobacco at all.  But there’s no doubt that it was delicious, flavourful, and not at all adulterated with chemicals to poison the natural casing.

All things considered, I enjoyed it quite well.  I smoked it rapidly because I was in a hurry, and it took about half an hour to smoke down to the point where I felt I should put it out.

Again, a good introductory cigarillo.  It was tasty and very smooth, it was formed of quality tobaccos, and it smoked quickly and was quite mild.  I can’t love it though, because I prefer a good hearty smoke with little or no casing.  It will do when one is in a hurry and needs to maintain a pleasant aroma, but given the choice, I personally will sit down with a good stogie.

I give the Bella Vanilla:

3 and a half stars

You can get them at Famous Cigars for $73.99 US a box or $6.25 for a single; or only $49.60 at Thompson Cigars for a tin of 50 cigarillos.  I got mine as part of a CAO Flavours sampler from Pipes & Cigars.

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