300 Subscribers!

Smoking Jacket Magazine has a reach of thousands.  Thousands of people read Smoking Jacket Magazine every day, but very few actually subscribe to the magazine.  Like with all magazines, the number of people who will pick it up, or visit an article on the web site, vastly outnumber the people who want to subscribe to the magazine.  So, we’re very excited to have reached 300 subscribers!

So we offer special congratulations to Andy Loo, who is our 300th subscriber and invite Andy to get a hold of us so that we can send him his prize!

In the meantime, we offered a prize to our 100th subscriber, and at 200 we picked our 200th subscriber, and one subscriber random to receive a prize, so at 300 we give a prize to our 300th subscriber, and picked two subscribers at random to also receive a prize.

Using a random number generator I generated member #30, and member #196, who turned out to be Lonnie Blyler, of the Black Burl Pipers, and Liz Smith, who runs Friends of Ladies of the Briar.

Both have been contacted, and Lonnie’s cigar and Liz’s tobacco are speeding on their way to them as we speak.

Now, all we have to do is wait for Andy to claim his prize, so if you’re reading Andy, get a hold of me you have a prize waiting!

Thanks to everyone for supporting my magazine, you make this all worthwhile, keep on subscribing and we’ll keep bringing you good articles.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

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