A Brick of Something Hearty (Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co.Revor Plug)


          The classic methods of tobacco delivery are iconic, forever imprinted on the public. The classic, vaguely 19th century silhouette of pipe tobacco tins, the rugged rebelliousness of cigarette pack, the forward masculinity of the cigar, all of those are eternal and, for certain people, conjure fond, comforting memories of times past. With that said, I’m fascinated by the methods of tobacco delivery that fell by the wayside, that only remain as niche items.  No one really uses snuff or chews full-leaf tobacco anymore, for example.

          I think plug tobacco,  a solid square of pressed tobacco leaves that can be smoked or chewed, kind of fell by the wayside in a similar manner.Curiosity got the better of me so I picked up the Revor Plug, currently made by Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co., for about $20 from G.Q. Tobaccos. This is my first plug, so I was a little bit apprehensive, but it turned out to be a smooth, surprisingly flavourful smoke that burned cool easy.

          This is the plug itself. A bit intimidating, to say the least. I ended up slicing off small sections to rub out into my dublin. When I tried to break off a piece with my fingers it crumbled everywhere It lit quite well, only requiring a couple relights.

          I didn’t quite expect the blast of flavor that I experienced when I took my first puff. The blend is made with virginias and burley, so I expected the traditional tobacco flavor. Although I got strong doses of that flavor, I was also greeted with a hint of spice, a bit of salt, and a bit of a potpurie.

          The flavors became a bit deeper as the bowl progressed, but one never overpowered the other. Each flavor was well represented till the smoke was done. The taste of the burley tobacco became a bit more prominent, but I like the taste of cigarettes so it didn’t bother me.

          This is a damn fine smoke, no matter how you put it. It is strong, flavorful, and very smooth. These qualities are exactly what I’m looking for in a bowl, so, with gusto, I give it my highest recommendation

By: Josh Hart – Contributor


4 thoughts on “A Brick of Something Hearty (Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co.Revor Plug)

  1. I think plug tobacco fell by the wayside when the Age of Sail and the Wild West began to wane, since of course it is designed to be more portable. In our modern culture, because the perception is that “bigger is better,” often tobacco manufacturers find it necessary to make sure the tobacco remains cut in order to sell it, because then a “bigger” tin is less expensive (though of course, a tin of the same size containing plug tobacco would be heavier and would contain more tobacco.) Also, plug tobacco tends to be wetter and requires a little more patience in that it requires rubbing out, which can be messy, etc. That being said, it is my opinion that I always get a better smoke with plug tobacco, and I find that even when you consider moisture, folding and stuffing smokes more easily for me than stuffing and packing. And as a fan of a good Navy, I maintain that Navies just taste better in plug form. Thanks for the recommendation Josh, and welcome to the team!

  2. Is this plug good for a chew?
    And what is the weight o this plug? I get a a 3oz bag of Red Man Golden Blend for about $5 USD

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