Capstan Flake Tobacco Review

          Well its that time of the year again where I put down the cigars and pick up my pipes. It not only a decision based on the amount of time I spend outside, but because of the ever decreasing temperature I find the warmth of the pipe bowl comforting. This year I began the pipe smoking journey with a bowl of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s favourite pipe tobacco, Capstan Flake. I decided to pack it into my Erik Nording pipe that I got while I was in Las Vegas a few years back and managed to rarely smoke. I couldn’t think of a better tobacco to break the pipe in with.

          Opening the square tin greeted me with the moist rectangles of soft tobacco. The scent was magnificent, notes of apricot and nuts made up the aroma with a slight hint of aged tobacco. The casing of the flavours was light which made the aroma come off fresh! I had to leave a couple of the rectangles out because they were off course too moist to be directly packed into the bowl. After about 10 minutes I rubbed out the flakes, but left a bit of the chunkiness in there to keep the burn time higher.

          I lit the pipe with my Colibri pipe lighter and puffed away. The notes were very similar to the tin aroma, but the light casing was a little more faded. This was actually quite nice because the tobacco resembled an English blend more, but the slight hint of sweetness complimented the overall profile. There were no transitions with this tobacco as I moved down the bowl which was quite nice because I am always looking for pipe tobacco’s which stays consistent so that I can read and contemplate without having to spend too much time focused on the tobacco.

          Overall, this is one of my favourites, if not my favourite flake tobacco. I will definitely get more. If you are interested int his delicious blend of tobacco you can visit 4Noggins.

By: Steven Umbrello – Senior Editor

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