What’s Going On?

In case you have just tuned in to Smoking Jacket Magazine, here is what is going on for the month of November.

In honour of Sable’s (A Lady’s Perspective) Western Canadian Book Tour, promoting her new book “The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power“, we at SJM have put together a contest.  Having visited a number of cities with Sable, I took the opportunity to review a few Brick and Mortar Tobacconists in Western Canada.  That led us to the thought, “I wonder what other people’s Tobacconists are like?”

With that in mind, I approached our sponsors (Sutliff Tobacco & Brigham USA), and my friend Val Shannahan, to ask for contest prizes for the following contest;

Write an article (review/story/expose/fiction piece) that prominently features your local tobacconist.  Include pictures (if you have them) and links (if you can find them) and submit it to Erin@smokingjacketmagazine.com

Any entry that is written intelligently, and legibly (regardless of language) will be posted up on the magazine site for the viewers to read.  Then, the senior editorial staff will, on Nov 30, pick our favorite 3 each as finalists.  Finally, you, the readership will vote on your favorite piece and the top 3 will win prizes.Capri

1st prize is A tobacco smoking pipe provided by Brigham (A Capri), A Tin of Sutliff Private Stock Tobacco (1.5 oz) of your choice, A tin of the Brand new Mac Baren Tobacco, Modern Virginia in your choice of loose cut or flake, A Sutliff T-shirt, a Sutliff Ballcap and a Sutliff Coffee Mug.

2nd prize is A tobacco smoking pipe provided by Val Shannahan (A JM Boswell), the two tins of tobacco as described in the 1st prize and a ballcap and mug.JM Bozwell

and 3rd prize consists of the tobacco prize, Cap and Mug.

1 contest entry per submission, so it is entirely possible to win all 3 prizes! Enter as often as you like, no purchase neccessary.

Must be able to answer the skill testing question of “What is your mailing address?” if you win. (research is allowed).


SJM is promoting a raffle for The Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club.  the OPCC is raffling a John Hines pipe called a Cobra.  Suggested retail value is over $150 dollars, so they need to sell 15 tickets @ $10 dollars a ticket (5 for $40) to float the raffle.  If they don’t get that many ticket sales, money will be refunded in full.  Help out the OPCC and possibly win a great pipe!  To enter contact me at erin@smokingjacketmagazine.com for details or on Facebook as Erin McRoy

<Original Raffle Details Are Here>


Thanks for reading,

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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