A Little Bitey, This Summer Wind (Stanislaw & SG English Summer Flake in a BMP Olivewood Poker)

003-059-0058This is the second in a series of four reviews to take place on the Stanislaw & Samuel Gawith Four Seasons Collection; this one on the English Summer Flake.

When I sat down to do the first of these reviews, I had no expectations, I had high hopes, and those hopes were based in evidence, but I really didn’t know what to expect.  However, having had a great experience with the Irish Spring (Spring Time) Flake, the bar was set fairly high for the English Summer Flake.

Unfortunately, Dr. Stanislaw almost walked into it.

This is what smokingpipes.com has to say about the tobacco;

A slow-burning and delicate smoke for when the season’s hot, the English Summer blend is composed simply of pure Virginia, long-aged and unadulterated. As with the rest of the Four Seasons series, we have not only Samuel Gawith to thank for this flake, but also the blending expertise of Czech entrepreneur and lover of all things tobacco, Dr. Josef Stanislav.

The pipe started off normal enough, with a fairly new poker made of olivewood from Big Mike Pipes, and an enormous flake of tobacco pulled from the little more than ½ dozen similarly sized flakes filling the 50 g tin.  I then proceeded to fold and stuff it into the vastly deep bowl of my BMP 001 Olivewood Poker and light it with my BIC.

The blend of pure Virginia tobaccos is sweet and grassy to the nose as one would expect it to be, though with my limited sense of smell, I can hardly pick out any subtleties.

However, it is none too moist and lights easily and evenly and I prepare myself for a long, cool smoke.IMG_2045__70270.1408984294.1280.1280

Which, is delivered, but, the tobacco has a slightly uncomfortable bite to the tip of the tongue; not painful, but prickly.  Smoked slowly, the tongue bite is mitigated, somewhat, and the subtle taste of the exquisitely blended kake, sliced carefully into the smokable flakes, shines through and delivers an otherwise spotless performance.

In the time it takes to write this review, I haven’t finished even half the bowl and it’s taken me 2 hours.

Definitely, this is a smoke for when you can take the time to thoroughly enjoy it.  If all you have is half an hour, I recommend that you smoke something else; otherwise the delicate flavours of this tobacco will be lost.

However, if you have the time to spend enjoying a bowl, I highly recommend that you take your time to appreciate this tobacco.

If you’re looking for this tobacco in the U.S., You can get it at pipesandcigars.com for $11.00 USD or smokingpipes.com for $9.33 USD.  For the best shipping into Canada from the U.S., Contact 4noggins.com and spend $9.99 USD or overseas in the EU or UK contact Glynn Quelch at gqtobaccos.com and get it for £12.25.

samgawithenglishsummerflakeThe next review coming up is on Scottish Autumn Flake, but unfortunately I traded it to Tad Seymour, so he’ll have to get off his lazy butt and do the next review.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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