Land of Smoke and Honey (CAO Gold Honey Petite Corona)

20141107_172917[1]Having learned that a Petite Corona is the perfect size to smoke in a 45 minute drive, I had occasion to go to Kelowna again, and took the opportunity to indulge in my next candidate from my CAO Flavours Sampler, the Gold Honey.

Interestingly, this cigarillo is a Nicaraguan Puro (for the novice, that means that only Nicaraguan tobaccos are used for every part of the cigar; an exception in today’s cigar artisan’s market.)  I was intrigued by its pleasant dark honey-gold colour and its small-veined wrapper.  The pack was solid but not hard and the double-cap seemed solid.  As with all of the Flavours Petite Coronas, its attractive, colour-themed label (in this case, yellow and dark gold, with gold highlights on the yellow writing) was complimented in its presentation with a cedar shaving to light with and an attractive ribbon (in this case, yellow).

Says CAO:

Smooth, subtle and perfectly balanced, CAO Gold Honey mixes well-aged Nicaraguan and Connecticut tobaccos with the natural sweetness of artisan honey harvested from the nectar of Florida orange blossoms.

The handy little card that came with the sampler set said:

Gold Honey utilizes the highest quality orange blossom honey in the world.  The blossoms secrete a sweet nectar each spring from the finest orange groves in Florida.  We complement this floral honey with well-aged tobaccos, creating a synergy of delightful sweetness and subtle earthiness.  Brighten your day with the revelations of gold honey let it put a smile upon your face.

One wonders what constitutes the “finest orange groves in Florida,” and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the Romance novel language again, but I brightened immediately. “Natural sweetness” implies natural casing as opposed to chemicals; definitely a selling point for me!  And the wrapper note seemed to imply just that.  It smelled of quality tobacco (I tend to enjoy Nicaraguan tobacco) and yes, the scent of honey and a touch of citrus was present; but it smelled just like opening a jar – not sickly-sweet – and it did not overwhelm the scent of the tobacco.  It was more like putting your nose right up to a beeswax candle.  The pre-light draw promised more of the same.

DSC01650The punch was a little messy, with a trace of leaf flaking off, but not bad.  Unfortunately I never experiment with the cedar shavings these days; I usually smoke while driving (and the flaky, dry cedar shaving is too dangerous to light with in the car) and the torch lighter I use would incinerate the thing anyway.  However: toasting the foot released a room note that was like new-mown hay, clover, and a burning beeswax candle.  (Did I mention that I love the scent of burning beeswax and am quite familiar with it in my spiritual practice?)

Those first couple of draws . . . okay, so picture this: they’ve just finished the threshing and they are rolling the new alfalfa and clover crop into bales; then someone sets one to burn to celebrate a harvest festival.  I was delighted!  It was amazingly tasty!  Fresh, delicious, and with a perfect blend of a bare hint of citrus and that natural honey casing.  If elves smoked cigars, this is what they would smoke.  No chemical taste and nothing but that light honey flavour and delicious, fresh-tasting golden tobacco!

I will forgo my usual breakdown into thirds, because the cigarillo, in its just-perfectly sized quick smoke, remained consistent and delicious right up to the very end.  After about 50 minutes it became mushy and it started to go out; but since I had smoked it down to the nub, I think that was more than fair.

Well, this little baby has completely changed my mind about aromatic cigars!  I would smoke this again with joy.  Indeed, I will seek it out and keep a few on hand to go with my MX2 Daggers for a quick, convenient little short-trip driving smoke.

I give the CAO Gold Honey:

5 Stars

You can get a natural pack of 50 at Famous-Smoke for only $49.99 USD (a dollar a cigar!) or a tin of 10 for $16.99 USD.  You can get the CAO Flavours Sampler at Pipes & Cigars for a mere $14.99 USD.

And that is a lady’s perspective!

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