Davidoff Blue Note Pipe Tobacco Review

          While I was last in Las Vegas I decided to stop by the beautiful Davidoff flagship store in the Venetian Hotel. The store carried many unique items and products, but was was really great was that they not only carried their own tinned tobacco, which tends to be quite pricey, but they offer exclusive house blends. Before I left I picked up a few ounces of their different blends, one of them called Blue Note. A beautiful blend of virginias and cavendish, Blue Note comes in with a profile reminiscent of butterscotch, vanilla and molasses. The casing is quite heavy, but there is an undeniable freshness to it that you can almost taste.

          Before you pack this delicious smelling blend it certainly needs time to slightly dry out because it comes heavily moist. After it dried a bit I did the triple pack method to stack my Joe Case pear shaped pipe. I lit the bowl with my pipe lighter and I was surprised that such a heavily cased blend stayed lit so well.  With regards to the profile there really isn’t much to say, the tobacco tasted very much like the aroma, but far lighter. It was slightly refreshing to not be overpowered by the flavour. Overall the blend was really delicious and I am happy that I brought back so much with me, I look forward to smoking it again. Next time you head down to Las Vegas make sure that the Davidoff store in the Venetian hotel is one of your stops.

Steven Umbrello – Owner & Executive Editor


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