Last Week of the Contest

Here we are on the Last Week of the Contest…wait…what contest? You ask.

Have you not been paying attention?!  OK, well…

Smoking Jacket Magazine is having a readership contest sponsored by Sutliff Tobacco, Brigham Pipes and Val Shannahan.

To enter, send a submission of original work, be it a review, a story, an expose, some photos, a personally designed piece of art, a poem, or what have you to me at

Huh?  Oh!  Subject Matter! Right!

Ok the subject is Tobacconists, brick and mortar kind.  Preferably your local tobacconist.  Write a review, or take some pictures, or design a graphic, for your local tobacconist, and submit it to me.

All entries receive a posting on the web site and a spot in the December Mega-Issue provided they are written intelligibly.  We don’t even require submissions to be in English, I can translate via Google.

On December 1, the top 4-12 submissions (there are 4 judges and we each pick 3, so there may be some overlap) are placed in a poll and the readership is given a week to vote their favorite.  The top 3 at the end of that time will win prizes.

There are no limit on the number of entries per person, but each must be a unique entry.  In other words, you can’t write a poem, design a graphic and take some pictures of the same tobacconist and submit it as 3 entries, but you could do it for 3 tobacconists and each would count.

Here are links to the ORIGINAL CONTEST POSTING


Submission 1

Submission 2

Submission 3

Chances of winning are still excellent and it is possible to win multiple prizes.

Submission deadline is November 30 @ Midnight PST

What? Oh, how do you know if you are eligible to enter?

Sorry, should’ve mentioned that.  This contest is open to all readers who are not Judges (judges in the contest, don’t worry Your Lordship, you are eligible).  So if you are reading this and your name is not Erin McRoy, Jamie Field, Sable Aradia, or Steven Umbro YOU ARE ELIGIBLE!!!

So get those submissions in then;

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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