Scottish Autumn Flake – Stanislaw & Samuel Gawith


Scottish Autumn Flake is a good name for this tobacco. Opening the tin you are greeted with a classic Virginian flake that smells like dried apricots and honey. This straight Virginia has beautiful brown and gold colours pressed together which conjure up autumn itself. The flakes are large and lightly pressed. It’s rugged, its man-sized. Put your wee flake pipes aside lads and grab something substantial.


The moisture in the tin seemed almost perfect and so the loose flakes rub out and pack nicely. Being a thick cut it takes a little extra effort to get lit, but burns well and needed one relight. The flavour is full, hardy and delicious. I found that on my tongue it seemed to have a touch of sweet, a touch of sour and bit of peppery spice. The smoke was thick and voluminous and I found the nicotine level to be medium strength.

What I found most enjoyable though was the fullness of the flavours. Standing outside in the chilly air and the colourful autumn leaves, this was the perfect smoke. I lingered outside despite the weather to smoke as much of this bowl as I could on my break from work. An idyllic moment for me, of being in tune with the seasons and having that moment of completely at peace with the universe.

This is a very good Virginia flake, one of my favourites. Pick some up for the fall season here at, and here at

“Give a man a pipe he can smoke
Give a man a book he can read;
And his home is bright with a calm delight,
Though the rooms be poor indeed.”

-James Thomson (1834 – 1882): Scottish Poet

By: Tad Seymour

Tad has been smoking cigars as a hobby for the past 15 years and took up pipe smoking a little over a year ago, though you would never know it by his large pipe and tobacco collection. His hobbies include golf, soccer, camping, reading, mead making and brewing, a glass of good scotch, and sharing a love of quality tobaccos with his friends.

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