Fairy Glamour (CAO Eileen’s Dream Petite Corona)

20141117_121148Remember what I said in my post, “The Land of Smoke and Honey,” about the Gold Honey changing my mind about aromatics?

Yeah, well . . . never mind.

Encouraged by the joys of that lovely little cigarillo, I was excited when chance provided me with another opportunity to drive to Kelowna just a few days later, and so I set out to sample “Eileen’s Dream” from CAO’s Flavours line.

The cigar was presented in the typically pretty fashion of the Flavours line: nice shiny sage green label like a leprechaun’s waistcoat, cedar shaving to light with, peridot green ribbon of a shade that might adorn Titania’s hair.  Unwrapping the stick proved the Cameroon wrapper to be of a darker shade of tobacco than the previous Flavours cigarillos I’ve tried.  The binder was Nicaraguan; the fillers, Dominican.  Sounded promising!

Says CAO:

Take a puff, close your eyes and float away on the decadent flavors of CAO Eileen’s Dream. It begins with a mild Dominican blend and a spicy Cameroon wrapper, which are then infused with premium Irish whiskey, coconut milk, frothed cream and delicately sweet white chocolate truffles. One of the best tasting cigars available anywhere, it’s surreally good.

Says the display card included in the sampler set:

Eileen’s Dream is a combination of Irish Cream and white chocolate truffles.  Superior Irish whisky, frothed cream, and coconut milk compose our Irish cream.  The delicacy of white chocolate truffles is a subtle mixture of hazelnut paste, white chocolate, ground almond, cocoa, and vanilla extracts.  This avalanche of flavors is infused into a cigar with a Grade-One Camaroon wrapper and mild Dominican fillers to complete this five star reverie.   Relax in tranquility while savoring Eileen’s Dream and let it lull you into a bed of green grass where Irish eyes are smiling.”

DSC01654Well, okay, I was willing to be carried away to Faerie!  I’m a fan of Irish cream liqueurs and am generally too lactose-intolerant to enjoy more than a splash in my coffee once in a while these days; this sounded like an excellent solution, being a mixture of a couple of my favourite things: chocolate, French vanilla, coconut, Irish cream, and a good smoke.

It punched with relative ease – no stress to disturb the tranquility – and the wrapper note indeed promised Irish cream, French vanilla, and a hint of chocolate, along with delightful Cameroon tobacco (my favourite).  Toasting the foot revealed an additional room note of the toasted almonds.  Mmm!

20141117_121310The first third was a pure delight!  Mix some Bailey’s with some Frangelico liqueur and blend that into a bar of quality white chocolate, which you nibble delicately at between puffs on a good quality Cameroon wrappered cigar; that would approximate the taste!  This magical leprechaun’s blend of sorcery lasted for a full twenty minutes.

Alas, this treasure proved to be no more substantial than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and Eileen’s Dream evaporated when someone woke her up for work.  At about the second third, the cigar acquired a nasty, medicinal bitterness that reminded me unpleasantly of cough syrup and Asprin, and it didn’t leave the cigar again, not once through the remainder of the fifty minute smoke; and I persisted in the vain hope that it would!  I tossed the butt disgustedly out the window of my car as I returned to town, which had gone out and turned to mush.

Pah!  Eileen’s Dream turned out to be nothing more than fairy glamour; for a while, it’s perfect and beautiful and absolutely convincing.  But it disappears when the sun comes up!

Because I hate bitter disappointment more than I dislike mediocrity, I am giving this sneaky little pixie:

2 and a half stars

If you want to take your chances with the elves, you can get a box of 25 at Neptune Cigar for $65.75 (Cnd I think), or a natural pack of 50 at Thompson Cigar for $49.60 a tin.  You can get the CAO Flavours Sampler at Pipes & Cigars for a mere $14.99 USD.

And that is a lady’s perspective!

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