Peterson Irish Flake Pipe Tobacco Review

         DSC00391 When becoming acquainted with the World of the Briars one is inevitably going to come across the Peterson brand of fine pipes and tobaccos. Actually, one of my absolutely favourite blends, University Flake, is made by Peterson. Because I loved it so much I went out and bought a bunch of their other blends with the hope that I would find another winner. Peterson Irish Flake is one of those blends that I incidentally purchased and hoped that I would enjoy. As you can tell by the name, this is a flake tobacco, that means the shredded tobacco is put under immense pressure until it becomes what appears to be one solid piece. Once the large ingot of tobacco is removed from the press it is then sliced into thin rectangles. The rectangles are packaged as is and that it is how you will receive them in the tin. Once you open the tin you would normally take one or two flakes out and either rub them out into the native ribbons or you can simply fold them and pack them like that. Each person has their own little nuances with regards to packing and I am no different.

          I want to make everyone aware that before I begin this review that this particular jar of tobacco has been aging for approximately three years. Of course all aging changes the profile of a tobacco so I would like you to keep that in mind when reading this review. Now lets begin, the jar note is distinctively musky with notes of english tobaccos like Latakia and a slight background note of dried apricot. The tobacco was very moist so I kept it out on my SorringOwl & Sons tobacco mat to dry out a bit until I was ready to rub it out and pack it.

          Once it was sufficiently dried out it easily rubbed out and packed well. I lit it up in my Mario Grandi Oom Paul pipe and puffed away. The flavour profile stayed consistent over the hour or so of constant smoking, those flavours were a smoky, dry and very reminiscent of a classic english blend with the kick of fruitiness on the finish. I wish I could say more, but the tobacco produced the same amount of smoke and the same flavours through the whole smoking duration. Overall a great tobacco for a nice cool evening. You can pick up a tin of Peterson Irish Flake here at 4Noggins.

By: Steven Umbrello – Senior Editor

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  1. I res enjoy his blend, too. However I’d not call it an English blend since it has not Latakia that I recall and is tipped with Irish whiskey. It’s a strong, tasty VaBur in my humble opinion, made from excellent quality tobaccos.

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