Sutliff Pumpkin Spice Review (Yes, I am aware that it is November)

          October has come and gone and I’ve missed the festivities. Because of a demanding work schedule and a whole lot of commuting I haven’t been able to see friends and participate in Halloween/early fall fun. As a result, I’m hankering for something that will remind me of fall. When I found Sutliff’s Pumpkin Spice Blend it tugged at my October loving heart, and at one American dollar an ounce I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

          It arrived on November 16th in the midst of a brutally cold winter day, not the quaint, pastoral, tree-crowded autumn wonderland I wanted to smoke in, but it’ll do. The tobacco is made of a mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Cavendish and is very sticky and processed. I left it out to a dry for a couple of hours before smoking. It lit well, requiring very little maintenance, and let off a nice roomnote.

           I was pleasantly surprised by the mellowness of the scent and flavor. It tastes like pumpkin spice, that’s for sure, but it’s not syrupy or chemical-tasting like the Cavendish suggests. The tobacco flavor actually came through quite nicely.Despite the softness of the blend, there was mild tongue bite. Nothing too harsh, but a bit unfortunate.

          This is a great blend for after dinner, and it goes very nicely with a Pumpkin Ale. It didn’t quite capture the autumn fun I was looking for, but it provided a decent, smooth smoke.

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