New Never Tasted So Good (Mac Baren Modern Virginia Loose Cut in an Antique Dunhill Billiard)

pb-mrjThere are a lot of people in the pipe smoking community who believe that pipe tobaccos should never change their style.  They like their traditional favorites, do not want to see them changed, and are loath to try anything new.

If that describes you, then Mac Baren Modern Virginia loose cut is not for you.

The brand new blend, just released at the end of October 2014, is a mixture of select Virginias, Cavendish made from Virginia, and just a touch of Burley to give it some zip.  To this specially aged blend, a topping of apricot and pineapple is added giving the tin an almost magical aroma and the mostly brown presentation is peppered with enough black Cavendish to make it look interesting and inviting.

The tobacco is quite moist, so I let it air out for about 10 minutes before packing it in my pipe, and when I do so, the pack is simple and straightforward, no muss, no fuss.

I strike steel to flint and apply the sparks to a steady stream of butane gas creating a flame, which sounds much better than I light my BIC, and bring the antique Dunhill to life.

Now, what about the taste?  You ask.  All I can say about that is; Heavenly.  The taste is exquisite, the grassy Virginias and the nutty Burley are not at all overwhelmed by the sweet, fruity, apricot/pineapple casing, instead being enhanced and improved by it.

Well, when I first got this tobacco there was very little information about it online, but here’s what has to say about it now;

Virginia, Modern Cavendish and Burley are manufactured separately, and finally the tobaccos are gently hand blended into the final blend. The Modern Virginia Loose Cut is manufactured from Virginias out of 2 continents. Bright yellow and a darker Virginia have been used combined with a Modern Cavendish, to secure a soft and smooth smoke with a touch of Burley. This blend provides you with the natural sweetness from the Virginia tobaccos combined with just a slight topping of sweet, ripe fruit. Furthermore your surroundings will appreciate the pleasant room note.

Well, smoking alone I can’t say anything about the room note, but everything else about this tobacco is just about perfect with my morning cup of coffee.

003-039-0087Both I and my hubby transitioned from pipes in our early adulthood, to cigarettes for most of our lives, and back to pipes in our middle age, and we find that a good Virginia tobacco cuts right to the craving first thing in the morning.  It is for that reason that I always keep a good amount of Virginias on hand for smoking in the morning.

Now that I’ve tried it, I think that Mac Baren Modern Virginia loose cut will become part of my regular morning routine, and I already know that I like it in flake as well, so look for that review.macbarenmodernvirginialoose

After a nice, long, 45 minutes smoke in which I wrote this review, the pipe tapped out to a minuscule amount of dottle and a satisfied Erin.  I think I’ll go on to write something else now.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about where you can get it.

When I was first picked by Mac Baren to do this review, there was almost nowhere that you could get this tobacco.  Now it is available at for $14.77 USD, for $9.52 USD, or for $9.49 USD, so pick some up and;

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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