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Well, the submissions are in for the first ever Smoking Jacket Magazine readership-write in contest.  Contest Details Here!!

Due to the limited number of entries, the judges are unnecessary, so I am simply posting all the entries for you, the readership, to vote your favorite!

Voting will commence as of this post time until Midnight PST (GMT -8) on Sunday December 7, and the entry with the highest votes at that time will be declared the winner!  Prizes are also available for 2nd and 3rd place!

So read the entries and vote for your favorite!  Here are the entries;

Submission 1 – Max Watson, A sad day for Australian pipe smokers

Submission 2 – Joshua Dodson, Schwab’s Pipes and Stuff: The Uncommon Kentucky

Submission 3 – Joshua Dodson, A Requiem for Tobacconists of Old

Submission 4 – Greg Wolford, La Fontaines Tobacco & Wine

Submission 5 – Greg Wolford, The Squire

Submission 6 – Austen Humphrey, Discount Tobacco

Submission 7 – Austen Humphrey, The Briar and The Burley

Submission 8 – Bond Eddy, The Tobacconist Makes The Tobacconist


PLEASE READ AND VOTE!  The contestants can’t win without votes!

BTW, CONTESTANTS and JUDGES, you get a vote too!

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