A Fine Manhattan Morning (Nat Sherman Host Hobart Connecticut Robusto)

It was time for another mild-bodied morning cigar.  From my Aromatic Big Brand Showstopper set at Pipes & Cigars (which, I have noticed, are no longer available; guess they must have sold out!) I discovered the Nat Sherman Hobart Connecticut Robusto.

Pipes & Cigars says:

Every smoker is familiar with the iconic Manhattan tobacconist, famous for their upscale offerings and atmosphere. Their terrific cigar lines make them so much more. Family owned and operated since 1930, Nat Sherman’s dedication to producing quality smokes is obvious and the results show through in their fine products. With a variety of fine options, no matter which Nat Sherman you pick you know you’re getting a quality product and a great value.”

20141123_103902The Hobart is a mild-bodied cigar with Honduran fillers.  It was constructed in a smooth golden Connecticut Ecuadoran wrapper with almost entirely without veins or seams and a somewhat garish red, green and gold label.  A friend remarked that it looked as though it was “wrapped in a brown dragon wing.”  The pack was solid but not hard.  I was delighted to find a brilliantly-constructed triple cap, which punched with textbook perfection.  The wrapper note was of golden tobacco and clover; the pre-light draw offered a certain sugary sweetness in addition to the wrapper scents.

I lit up at a quarter to eleven in the morning.  With an easy light and a glorious puff of smoke I tasted butter, vanilla and clover; delicious!  There may also have been a slight honeyed undertone, though none of this was overwhelming.  I suspect the “aromatic” designation comes from the sweetness, perhaps representing a honey or sugar casing, because it was not remotely like the flavoured CAOs I’ve been smoking.  It was full-bodied, creamy, and quite delicious.

At the end of the first third, which lasted for about half an hour, I began to notice that characteristic second-third bitterness; but it cleared easily by purging.  It ashed nicely in a long, white, clean-burning cylinder.  By this time I confirmed that it was, indeed, a mild cigar because I was pleasantly alert but not vibrating.

The final third began at about a quarter to twelve, where the Hobart took on a touch of a chocolatey scent and flavour; white chocolate perhaps?  And this delightful and pleasant taste remained until it went out at about noon, representing about an hour and a quarter of a delightful, refreshing smoke.

I enjoyed this cigar very much and would buy it again!  But I would probably not actively seek it out in a search.  Still, a pleasant and enjoyable smoke for the mild-cigar lover and a good smoke in the morning.

I give the Nat Sherman Hobart:

3 and a half stars

Get them at Pipes & Cigars for $5.02 US each, $23.99 for a five-pack, or $112.99 for a 25 pack.  You can also get them at Thompson Cigar for $50.18 for a pack of ten or $112.95 for a box of 25.

That’s a lady’s perspective!

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