More Earth, Less Nectar (CAO Earth Nectar Petite Corona)

So, another out-of-town drive, another petite corona from CAO Flavours; this time, the Earth Nectar.

CAO’s website has this to say:

Take a tasting tour of Tuscany with CAO Earth Nectar, a mild, smooth cigar infused with an exquisite Italian Chianti and notes of toasted almonds, cocoa, honey and raisins−all of which are perfectly complemented by a Dominican blend and Cameroon wrapper.”

20141128_121413Well, that sounds tasty!

This pretty little number is presented in a wine-coloured label and matching ribbon, suggesting those Tuscany vineyards.  Like every other cigarillo in the set it includes a cedar shaving to light it with; which I generally find to be pointless with my Butane torch lighter.  Unpeeling all of this (which takes too much time, an irritant which, at five cigars into the set, is beginning to bother me) reveals an attractive, relatively unveiny Colorado shade cigarillo.  The binders and fillers are Nicaraguan.  The wrapper note is strongly suggestive of the almonds and raisins, with a dash of cocoa.  Underneath it you can scent the medium-bodied tobacco.  It smells delicious.

The punch was dubious; part of the end cracked and flaked off.  The pre-light draw was mostly all about the raisins with a hint of the almonds.  It reminded me of marzipan.

The handy little card that came in the set begins pretty much the same way the website description began, but then it continues:

This blend is complimented by a Grade One Cameroon-wrapped cigar and Cuban-seed Dominican fillers to achieve a mild, satisfying smoke.  Enjoy Earth Nectar, and let the taste and aroma of nature’s fruits settle the mind and soothe the soul.”

DSC01653The cigar lit easily, but the wrapper immediately started flaking bits of tobacco into my mouth.  Perhaps I should have found another place to store them; I figured I should be able to get away with putting a small humidifier in the box they came in, for the length of time I was going to have them around the house; apparently not.

It was a pleasant draw that I initially quite enjoyed, which reminded me of pound cake and marzipan.  I must admit, I was expecting more of that Chianti flavour, or perhaps brandy, with all the vineyard references in the description.  It seems to me pretty obvious that CAO is marketing this line towards women; don’t they know that women are grown-ups who enjoy a good glass of wine?  What’s with all the candy flavour?

As the smoke progressed, I found that it grew increasingly sweet; which, I suppose, is perfect if you like that sort of thing.  I, however, do not.  I’m the kind of person who scrapes the icing off the birthday cake, and by the time this little stick grew mushy and went out near the end of the forty-five minute drive – I’d say at about forty minutes – I was done with it.  Still, definitely a plus if that characteristic bitterness of a cigar’s halfway point really gets on your nerves!

So, smoke this one after your Christmas fruitcake or maybe some Nanaimo bars; or perhaps with coffee to balance the sweetness, and I’m sure it will be great!  For myself, I would like more earth and less nectar.  I would smoke it again if one was offered, or if it came as part of a sampler and I wanted the rest of it; but I wouldn’t seek it out.

I give the Earth Nectar:

2 and a half stars

It’s hard to find them on their own.  You can get them at All Flavoured Cigars (but they don’t list prices until you click the button, and I haven’t bought from them before so I can’t recommend them,) or CAO’s website will direct you to a retailer if you live the US.  Otherwise you can get them as part of the CAO Flavours Sampler at Pipes & Cigars for $14.99 USD.

That’s a lady’s perspective!

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