A Lazy Winter’s Morning (Mcclelland Deep Hollow in a John Hines Custom Skater)

003-041-0010It has been unseasonably warm and wet here.  Living in Canada we are used to snow, especially in BC.  So it being mid-December and temperatures hovering just around freezing at night, what we have here is; mud.  During the day it’s warm enough that the precipitation is all rain, and at night when it snows at all, the snow is gone with the morning thaw.

But, as we all know, “Global Climate Change” it’s just a leftist plot so that scientists can bilk the people for grant money.

But don’t get me started on that!

In any event, when I woke up at 5:00 AM, the house was cozy, warm and quiet, and I found myself alone with my pipe.  So, throwing on a bathrobe, I thought I would take advantage of the unconscionably warm weather, and stand outside on my porch for a smoke.

Now the question was what to smoke, and what to smoke it in?  Well, my John Hines Custom Skater is a favorite smoker, so that decision was easy, but then my eyes fell on the tin of Mcclelland Craftsbury Series Deep Hollow and I remembered something about quiet and away from the urban sprawl.

Far into the woods, away from the urban cacophony, is where the light, fragrant blend of rich Red Stoved Virginias is designed to transport the smoker. Relax and enjoy the moment.

That’s right, “…relax and enjoy the moment”, “…away from the urban cacophony”.  Sounds just about perfect for this lazy morning smoke.

Out on the porch, my nostrils take in the brisk morning air and I think to myself this might be just a little too cold for a normal person.  Fortunately, I am not normal, and I am comfortable in temperatures hovering right around freezing, so without further ado I light my pipe.

Tobaccoreviews.com lists Deep Hollow as an aromatic tobacco without casing?!  I’m not sure how that can exist, but I definitely case something figgy in the topping?  Or is it plum?

Anyhow, the rich red Stoved Virginias soon had me quite perky and ready to face the day, so I decided to head back in and write this review wallop was still fresh in my mind.

At this point, I took another whiff of the can to confirm my fig/plum topping, and I can definitely smell the fruity goodness.

So, I finished the pipe, about 30 minutes, and tapped it out to a minuscule amount of dottle.

I must confess, that the tobacco was strong enough to make even me feel it, but for a lazy morning smoke, it was just the thing to get me going.

I’ll definitely reach for Deep Hollow again, and I recommend you do to.

You can get it at pipesandcigars.com for $8.88 USD for the 1.76 ounce can or $15.36 USD for the 3.5 ounce can, smokingpipes.com for $8.49 and $14.70 USD respectively, and 4noggins.com in the 3.5 ounce size for $14.99 USD.  Definitely worth it, comes highly recommended, so grab a few cans and;

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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