Sutliff Private Stock- BRG Mixture Review

You know that night out with your friends that is familiar, jovial, but not quite rowdy or spectacular? The night you spend at home with them, or at a reasonably priced chain restaurant and you drink light beer and joke around? They’re comforting, normal, but not particularly memorable, right?

Well, this tobacco tastes like those nights and, for that very reason, might become a part of my regular smoking rotation.

This blend is a stout combination of coarse-cute Virginia and burley tobacco. This is a true smokers blend, so I didn’t expect a ton of flavoring. Luckily, the tobacco included is of high quality and tastes nice.

The tin note was pure tobacco with a hint of plum and vanilla. The tobacco itself was a little bit too wet in the tin, so I had to leave it out to dry a few minutes before smoking.

After that, it still took a few tries to keep it lit, which was a mild annoyance.

I’ve been so used to smoking aromatics as of late that I’d forgotten how to smoke straight tobacco! I immediately took too much in and experienced some bite. After utilizing the proper sipping technique, things became a lot smoother.

What’s interesting about this tobacco is that it is unremarkable in the best way. It’s not particularly potent, doesn’t have much outside flavor besides a very nice dash of alcohol, and it’s room note is basically non-existent. Yet, for some reason, it’s just satisfying. It’s the perfect after-work smoke. It calms the nerves and conjures images of fun, unchallenging times with loved ones. Not bad at all. It’s smooth all the way. It reminds me of a quote from Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur. 

“Something good will come of all things yet, and it will be golden and eternal. Just like that. There’s no need to say another word.”

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