Moby Meh! (CAO ’VR’ Moby Toro)

20141130_184418[1]Continuing with my CAO Five Card Stud Sampler from Pipes & Cigars, I chose to sample the promising maduro ‘VR’ Moby toro.while a little drunk, just back from a hot date.  It’s usually a good time to light up a cigar, when all my senses are jacked up and my mood is good.  I was delighted by the cocoa-shaded wrapper with its slightly matte look.  The pack was firm but not exceptionally hard and it had a solid double cap.  I found the wrapper note to be strongly reminiscent of a dark espresso, though it was subtle, and cocoa mocha and the pre-light draw promised more of the same.  The presentation was a sexy simple label with an abstract Picassoesque ribbon label at the foot.  I looked forward to sharing this sizable cigar with my partner.

That interesting matte-and-satin wrapper with almost invisible veins is apparently Honduran in origin and the fillers are Brazilian and Mexican.  Its description promised a full-bodied and full-flavoured stick; my favourite!

Cigar International says:

‘VR’ is produced in CAO’s esteemed “CAO Fabrica de Tabacos” factory in Danli, Honduras. ‘The ‘VR’ cigar employs well-aged Nicaraguan and Mexican long-fillers which yield a robust and slightly spicy profile, while its oily Brazilian Maduro Arapiraca wrapper adds balance and a hefty dose of rich-sweet flavor.”

We clipped and lit the cigar at about 11 o’clock and prepared to have an enjoyable experience.  The initial draw was everything that was promised: peppery, sweet and rich, and slightly oily, with some earthy undertones.  As we progressed into the cigar, I noticed that the sweetness remained but it was a sort of “meaty” sweetness, something like sweet and sour meatballs.  It also developed a bit of orange and cocoa flavour that was not unlike those orange-shaped chocolates that you smack down on a table to break into slices.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you about the rest of it, because in my state of slight inebriation it simply smoked down to the nub without it changing enough for me to notice.  I can’t even say for certain exactly when it was finished other than it was around midnight because that’s when I went to bed.  I can tell you that the wrapper peeled off at the end because that’s how I found the nub in my ashtray.

It wasn’t the worst maduro I’ve had by any means; but nor did I find it the best, and all the things that were good about it I like better in other cigars.  It reminded me a little of the MX2 (but not as smoky or as peppery); and its citrus reminded me a little of the Osa (but it didn’t have as much citrus.)  It tasted a little as if the rollers at CAO had some end bits lying around from other cigars – but not enough to make any particular one – and thought, “I wonder what would happen if . . . well, what the hell.”

I know all of this because I made notes about it; but the smoke was utterly unmemorable; so much so that I didn’t even remember smoking it until I went to look for it, found it gone, and searched my notes until I found where I had written about it.

Sorry CAO, I’m normally a fan; but this one was not the big whale of a hit I was hoping for.  The Moby was decent, and I wouldn’t complain if someone offered me one to smoke, but overall, I have to say it was kinda “meh.”

So I am afraid that I can only give it:

2 and a half stars

You can get the Moby at Cigars International for $30 USD for a five pack or $85 USD for a pack of twenty (which includes a cutter.)

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