Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco Review

          It was a really nice day out today, despite the cold. I decided that I would take one of my larger pipes out for a spine. I Picked out my Mario Grandi Oom Paul shaped pipe which has a 1″ diameter boar and a 2 1/2″ deep bowl; this is a big boy to say the least. I grabbed my jar of Orlik Golden Sliced which had been aging on my shelf for at least two and a half years now. I let it dry out a slight bit but I like my tobacco a bit moist so it burns slower. I packed the pipe in the three parted method; first gently, the send pack a littler firmer, and finally the firmest pack on top. This helps to produce a nice draw and even burn throughout. I did my false light with my Colibri pipe lighter and packed it down gently. Usually when I keep my tobacco a litter more moistened I have to regularly relight but the Orlik stayed lit the entire time.

          As i said this pipe was very big so I got about and hour and twenty minutes of solid smoke time. The aroma of the tobacco itself produced a great room note, not unlike its initial unlighted aroma of citrus and dried apricot. The flavour did not change much throughout the smoke which was actually really nice since the flavours that it did produce were great. It had a creamy element to it which coated my mouth and had a slightly slick texture which I really liked. Overall Orlik Golden Sliced is a keeper and its no wonder why its a staple and a classic amongst even veteran Brother and Sisters of the Briar!

By: Steven Umbrello -Senior Editor

2 thoughts on “Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco Review

  1. If I recall correct, OGS was my introduction to flakes and Virginia blends. I agree this is a great blend to keep in any cellar. I may need to see if I have a jar put away somewhere after reading this and refreshing my memory of how pleasurable it is.

    • Most definitely. I would grab a few tins, put a date on them and try aging them at different rates. See how it changes with age and learn to differentiate between a tobacco prime tastes over time.

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