Worthy of Aphrodite! (Savinelli Essenza Cipriota in a Peterson Killarney Canadian P-lip)

pt-svk0100Almost everybody knows who Aphrodite is.  I mean, she is, after all, the most famous goddess of love that there is.  But most people are unaware that she was also the principal god of the people of Cyprus.  And more than being a goddess of love, Aphrodite is also the goddess of social interaction, friendship, and camaraderie.  In one tale, Aphrodite gets angry and removes her favour from the world, so people stopped visiting each other, and hanging out, and doing social things until she returns her favour.

So when I say this tobacco is worthy of Aphrodite, I mean, I it is the sort of tobacco that is smoked among friends, while hanging out and playing cribbage or watching the hockey game.  Also, this is the sort of smoke that could be enjoyed postcoitally, especially in a group situation.

Let’s start with the incense-like smoke.  No, let’s start with the tin note as usual!

The smell of the tobacco in the tin has been described to me as being akin to autumn vineyards in a rain forest.  A light woodsy scent coupled with a wine-like overtone dominates the fragrance when the can is opened.

The shaggy, ribbon-cut, even brown presentation of the tobacco is not overtly appealing, but neither is it unappealing.  Rather, I’m sort of neutral about the presentation of the tobacco.  Also, the aromatic blend is quite moist, and the first time I load my pipe I have trouble keeping it lit.  For the second pipe, however, I let the tobacco air out for about 15 to 20 minutes first, and the burn was quite even and consistent thereafter.

While waiting for my tobacco to air out, I took the opportunity to check out tobaccoreviews.com and they give the same description that is marked on the back of the tin;

Exhibiting a fragrance redolent of the exotic mysteries of the east, a blend of well-aged Virginias, cool burning Burleys, alluring Latakia and Macedonian leaf, form a fascinatingly nuanced, medium bodied smoke.

Also, reading the reviews posted there, I discover that many people describe Essenza Cipriota as “English-lite”, and even though the first bowl was difficult to keep lit, it was definitely a satisfying smoke in the way that only an English can be.

Lighting the second bowl, I discover that the room is filled with a delightful incense-like fragrance from the smoke that is reminiscent of the tin note, wood smoke and wine!

Again, the room note itself is worthy of Aphrodite.  Incense were often burned for the Dodekatheon, although usually it was in the form of animal fat and bone, and I think that the goddess of men’s clubs (as I think she would approve) would be delighted to smell this tobacco.

The case to the tobacco is much like the room note and can note; woodsy, and sweet, with absolutely no bite and P-lips are notorious for it.

Both bowls were fairly quick smokes lasting about 25 minutes and the dottle was reasonable though more prominent in the bowl that I didn’t let air out first.

Overall, I would not reach for this on a regular rotation, but rather savor it and save it for those special occasions when friendship and camaraderie are paramount.  Or those intimate occasions with my lover that I just want to thank the gods for.

You can get these blends at pipesandcigars.com for $16.00 USD, where they say this about it;

Essenza Cipriota belongs to a niche that is often ignored by tobacco makers – the aromatic Latakia blend. Matured Virginias join mellow Burleys, rich and smoky Latakia and fragrant Macedonian Orientals to form a solid base, but the blend is finished with a singular top note which was specifically made to marry perfectly with the blend.

Or you can get it from smokingpipes.com for the same price.

Savinelli Essenza Cipriota is only available in the 100 g (3.5 ounce) size, but the extra volume is definitely worth it.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

One thought on “Worthy of Aphrodite! (Savinelli Essenza Cipriota in a Peterson Killarney Canadian P-lip)

  1. Argentina, tiene tabacos muy buenos el burley, el virgina, pero no tiene la calidad de fabricacion que los tabacos importados, la aromatizacion,la madurez, el justo punto de quemado,fumo hace 38 años pipa, y probe muchos, quedando en mi preferencia los tabacos muy aromaticos y sociales, que sean suaves en boca, cvon salida a romatica importante, pero de exterior no llegan,
    Me agradaria comprar en el exterior, probar nuevos es un imposible no venden ni mandan a ARGENTINA,hay tabaquerias importantes, HERMES, DAVIDOFF,LOTAR, pero faltan muchas marcas, en el caso de DAVIDOFF es importante, Bien si ayudan a que tengamos tabaco o me informan como y a quien dirigirme agradecido

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