Worth Its Weight! (Savinelli Doblone d’Oro in a GiGi Rusticated Stubby Canadian)

pt-svl0100Having just received three tins of the Savinelli blends, a ribbon-cut English (Essenza Cipriota), a coin-cut Virginia based with Perique (Doblone d’Oro), and a Virginia flake (Brunello), I have been eagerly tearing into the cans for review material.

Having just finished a couple of bowls of Essenza Cipriota, I thought a review of the Virginia with Perique would be fun to do next, so I dug out a few of the coin-cut flakes and stuffed them into my GiGi Rusticated Stubby Canadian and prepared for another great experience.

Boy was I right!  Being a fan of Va-Pers in the first place, this one’s sure did not disappoint.

To start with, the tin note is rich and fruity, hinted with the spice of the Perique, and with a delightful nutty/earthy overtone from the Burleys.

The coins, though very densely packed, are not too moist and packed easily into the bowl of the stubby Canadian, and lit just as easily!

And the taste?  Well let’s just say it’s as good as a Va-Per can get, and that is saying a lot from a guy who likes Va-Pers.

Soon I found myself merrily smoking away, and all the thoughts I had of working drifted away, up borne to the gods on the rising incense smoke, and I spent half an hour doing absolutely nothing.

With only the slightest peppery bite of the Perique, the half hour-long bowl left me quite sated and I turned back to do this review.

However, life conspired to keep me from doing it as yet another interruption called me away from the house leaving my headphones sitting on my computer and me puffing joyfully away on another bowl of Doblone d’Oro as I went to run errands for my mother.

Overall in the next hour or so that I spent driving my mother around, I regretted not bringing yet another bowl even though I had satisfied every type of craving for this tobacco I could have, except for the fact that it’s that good!

I don’t know what Savinelli was thinking when they made these golden coins, but I will definitely be reaching for them again as it is now my favorite Va-Per!

As for dottle; virtually negligible, two pipes, one stuffed and one rubbed out and neither had much for dottle, nor did they get wet and gurgly.

If you decide to pick some up you can get it at pipesandcigars.com or smokingpipes.com for $19.20 USD for the 100 g (3.5 ounce) can.  It comes highly recommended by me so pick some up and;

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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