Smooth and Relaxing (Tewksbury and Co. Celtic Blend in a Vintage Parker Military Mount Billiard)

celtic blendWhen I first saw the Celtic blend on Tewksbury’s web site the description sounded interesting enough that I immediately wanted to order some, but alas Tewksbury does not ship outside the U.S.

Created by a friend in Edinburgh, this blend fills the mouth with a light taste of peat, charred whiskey cask reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands. Lemon Virginia with compliments of Latakia, Syrian and Turkish tobaccos.

The description again piqued my interest when I was trying to get Hobbit’s Weed for myself and a friend overseas.  Another friend, in the continental U.S. offered to have some shipped to his address where he would see that it got to each of us.  So, I decided to throw 4 ounces of Celtic Blend on the order figuring that if I didn’t like it, I could probably pawn it off on Tad or Dom.

Now, I don’t think I ordered enough!

I mean, the tobacco is downright delicious and has to be among the smoothest I’ve ever smoked!

OK, so the bag note is nothing special, and the room note is typical of an English blend, but I pulled out the bag earlier this morning intent on writing this review, and simply could not wrap my head around it.

That is until I actually smoked it.  Trying to bend my own will, I loaded my pipe and when to do some research at only to discover that the information there was sorely lacking, and even the stuff they did have, was inaccurate, but also to discover the smooth delicious taste of this tobacco as I drifted off into a state of relaxation.

I was so relaxed, that instead of getting upset, I simply registered an account and altered the inaccurate information and updated the description, while adding a small picture.  And when I was done, I was mostly through the bowl of the most un-bitey tobacco I have ever smoked.

Tewksbury and Co.’s Celtic Blend ranks among my top three English blends, alongside Glynn Quelch’s Classic English and Tabacos SN Republica and easily my favorite North American English blend.

I find it frightfully annoying that really good English blends are hard as hell to get in Canada.  Glynn and Toni do their best with what the Royal Mail and Argentinian Mail give them to work with, but Denver is driving distance from where I live, and yet it might as well be in Syria for all the difficulty that would be getting it back here.  And even if you do live in the U.S., Tewksbury insists on having signature verified deliveries, so the local shipping is highway robbery.

However, if you can find a friend in the U.S. that is willing to re-ship a package, getting your hands on some of this tobacco is well worth it, next time I’ll probably order a pound to keep it in stock.

Available, exclusively, from Tewksbury either in Denver, Colorado or online at for approximately $4.00 to $4.87 an ounce depending on the quantity that you order.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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