A Walk in the Park (Drew Estate Central Park Stroll)

          When opening this tobacco a blast of cherry and wood slaps you in the nostrils. With the appearance of a dark tea or very coarse chopped dark chocolate, this is a small cut rubbed tobacco that is fairly easy to pack. Quite moist, promising a fine tongue bite if you are not careful, and delivers such under those circumstances. A very nice burgandy cherry flavour that is mild and wonderful on the palate.  Reminicsent of a nice walk through the cherry trees in the autumn. Although difficult to keep lit, this beginners’ smoke provides a nice, thick smoke that holds its flavour throughout the bowl. The gargle will happen, though it happened a little early for me, at about 1/2 bowl, unless you are VERY careful and only sip lightly. Much dottle was disliked from this tobacco.

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          As always, smoke as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that best suits you.

By: Dom Wheeler

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