All for a Good Cause

newsboyFirst, let me begin by saying Happy New Year!  I know, it’s already the third but some of us are still recovering.

2014 was a great year for Smoking Jacket Magazine.  From our beginnings in May, to almost 30,000 views by December we have skyrocketed to success.

Here’s hoping that 2015 is as great a year for us as the last year was.

Which brings me to Lisa Maclean.

Where we would wish our good fortune and prosperity upon everybody in the pipe and cigar community, Lisa’s year did not end so well.  You see, at the end of 2014, Lisa Maclean, who is connected to the pipe and cigar community in Prince Edward Island, was diagnosed with three brain tumors.  Doctors say the tumors are benign, but all that means is that they are non-cancerous.

Now Lisa has to travel out of province to undergo delicate brain surgery and have these tumors removed, and needs to raise money for expenses.

Wait?!  What?!  I thought this was Canada, aren’t expenses covered by Canadian Medicare?

Well, yes, but, Medicare only covers her expenses, while she is in hospital.  She is undergoing delicate, scary, brain surgery after which she will have to spend three weeks to a month recovering in the hospital.  And while all this is covered, accommodations for her mother, whom Lisa would like to bring along with her, are not.  Without our support, Lisa will have to do this alone.

Lisa’s mother is a widow without any means to provide for herself while she spent a month out of province.

So, Joe and Cherie Sullivan, and the piper’s community around Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island are trying to raise money to help Lisa and her mom cover expenses so that Lisa is not forced to have to go through this alone.

How Can I Help?!  You must be exclaiming by now.

Well, you can go to her GO FUND ME SITE and donate directly to the cause;

Or you go to Pipers Pleasures on Facebook, and to enter the raffle that Joe and Cherie Sullivan are putting on to raise money.

In support of this raffle, Smoking Jacket Magazine has donated a 1961 Dunhill Super Bruyere Billiard as a prize, valued at $600 USD.

No, I’m not telling you this because I want kudos, I’m telling you this because it’s a good cause, and you could win a 1961 Dunhill.

Just in case you missed it, here’s another link to Lisa’s GO FUND ME SITE, and another link to Joe and Cherie’s FUNDRAISING RAFFLE.

So, help a nice girl out and donate or enter the raffle and,

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!motherndaughter

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  1. Thanks man. You’re awesome. Just got a text from Lisa. She’s super greatful too and says “thank you soooo much :D”

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