A Touch of Warmth on a Winter Day (Oliva Serie ‘O’ Robusto)

20141228_092608Winter this year has been very strange.  We had a green Christmas with rain, but then just before New Year’s Eve it snowed quite deeply. I thought it would warm the day well, since we were mostly shut in anyway, to continue with my Oliva Five Card Stud Sampler from Pipes & Cigars; and if I’m going to smoke in the morning I prefer a light-wrappered cigar to a darker one; much in the same way that drinking French roast is better in the morning and dark roast in the evening.  So I selected the Oliva Serie ‘O’ Robusto.

The Serie ‘O’ is a golden veiny cigar with a double cap and a very classy Oliva white and gold label. It is a Nicaraguan puro and its wrapper is of Nicaraguan-grown Habano seed.  Its enticing wrapper note is of rich golden tobacco and copper.

Cigar Aficionado has reviewed the Serie ‘O’ and named it among its top 25 cigars (2013) with a 92 rating:

The cigar has gorgeous color and a lush wrapper. It draws well, showing cedar, toast, leather and coffee notes. A complex and balanced full-bodied cigar.”

20141228_093653The cap punched without a hitch and the cigar lit beautifully. My first impression of the initial draw was of butter, caramel, earth, and copper.  As you can tell, I thought it was interesting and complex, and not at all my usual fare!  Delightful!  It also did not take me long – but not right away, this was a few draws in – to notice a lovely floral undertone that I am certain was not present initially.  I imagine this is only present when the cigar was sufficiently heated.

Probably due to pure blissful enjoyment I smoked it quickly.  It took me only 21 minutes to finish the first third.  By then I had discovered lots of terroire, almost like a true Habano; it was very metallic, with some nutty elements.  It also lost none of its delectable complexity.  It burned at a slightly off-angle at first which had corrected itself at this point.

20141228_092635As I have come to anticipate, by the time I finished the second third – only fifteen minutes later – the butter and caramel had reduced in favour of the terroire, the coppery flavours, and the nut.  I was also getting a little dizzy from the strong nicotine content, so I decided to rein it in a little.
The last third lasted half an hour with me nursing it properly.  It finished beautifully with butter, sweet, and just a touch of a floral element.  It went out a little sooner than I cared to permit it to and refused to draw any further, just a little over an hour after lighting.

I think it should be clear by now that I enjoyed it very much.  And since I not only loved it, but have no complaints about construction, burning, or anything else, I am required to give it:

5 Stars

That’s this lady’s perspective!  You can get the Serie ‘O’ at Cigars International for $29.80 USD for a 5 pack.

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