A Great Morning Pick Up (Cornell & Diehl Virginia Gentleman in a Peterson Killarney Canadian P-lip)

005-459-0054I recently wrote an article about my transition from cigarettes to pipes.  One thing that I forgot to tell you about in that article was the particulars of the tobaccos used.

People have asked, if I used any specific tobacco in my pipe while transitioning?  And the answer to that is; Yes and No!

The biggest thing about cigarette smoking is that first morning cigarette.  People say when you quitting smoking that, that is the hardest cigarette to resist, and I would agree with them.  So, as my hubby and I were transitioning from cigarettes, we examined, very closely, that first morning cigarette.

Cigarettes in Canada and the United States are mostly sun-cured Virginia tobacco, occasionally with a bit of Burley, occasionally with a bit of Turkish/Latakia; mostly mild in flavour, high in nicotine.  So, we figured the best morning tobacco would be something of Bright Virginias, and I went in search of it.

Then I came across this description of Cornell & Diehl Virginia Gentleman on smokingpipes.com;

A unique combination of Virginias and Burleys with a slight touch of Turkish for added sophistication create a superb all day smoke for those who enjoy Virginia blends but find them a touch bitey for all day enjoyment.

With a three out of five dot rating for strength, and that description, I figured I couldn’t go wrong and I immediately ordered a pound.

When it arrived, we dug into it immediately.

The aroma wafting from the bag was one of pure tobacco, grassy, slightly sour, and slightly acrid.  Not the most pleasant tobacco that I’ve smelled, but not the worst either.

It packs readily enough into my pipe, and lights without fuss or muss.

The room note is not incredibly pleasant, though better than cigarettes and the taste is not very sophisticated, though, again, better than cigarettes, but the smoke is incredibly satisfying.

10 minutes into the bowl, and I was no longer cravings a cigarette.

So, we began smoking Cornell and Diehl Virginia Gentleman in the morning instead of having a morning cigarette, and now better than a year, and many pounds of Virginia Gentleman later, it has become a regular part of our morning routine.

My hubby reaches for this tobacco as his regular routine throughout the day and finds it to be a superb all day smoke, and I’m starting my friends on it to get them off cigarettes.

Buy this tobacco by the ounce or the pound at smokingpipes.com for as low as $1.96 USD an ounce, and it comes highly recommended.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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