Like Eating Caramel Corn from Under a Subway Seat (Drew Estate Grand Central in a Brigham Antique 247)

pb-defDid you ever get a tin of tobacco that you just found un-smokable?  I mean, you just can’t bring yourself to get through a whole bowl?

Welcome to Drew Estate’s Grand Central; one of the first tobaccos that I find disgusting in every way!

When I first got the tin of tobacco back in August, I was going to call the review “Biting Summer Wind”.  I mean to say, that aside from its other negative qualities, Grand Central bit like a rabid Jack Russell Terrier.  So it was that I decided that instead of slamming this tobacco against the wall in a review, I would give it a couple of months to age then try again.

So here it is four months later and I’m dragging out this tobacco for another run.

Well, the can has been closed for this whole time, so aside from drying out the tobacco a bit, OK, a lot, everything is still intact, including the god awful tin note.  What’s in this crap any ways?  Well, apparently, at least according to, nothing?!

OK, OK, I guess I’m just going to have to make up my own stuff.

First, the description from the tin;

Loose yourself in the hustle and bustle with a bowl full of this mellow blend of tobaccos.  You can’t quite put your finger on it, but that dense aroma of lightly toasted Burley and Bright Virginias in awakening your senses.

What?!  Is this even English?!  How utterly useless.

Well I guess I just have my own senses to tell me what’s in this tobacco.

Taking out my machete, I hack my way back to the table through the miasma of tin note, and tear off a piece (of tin note) so that I can get a better whiff.  The smell is one of nutty sweetness, coupled with the scent of coconut that totally overpowers the smell of the tobacco.

The, now, dry tobacco packs readily into a pipe and lights easily, allowing me to get into the bowl with little ado.

The flavour is gaggingly sweet with the nutty, coconut taste totally overpowering any sort of tobacco palate and the taste now, in addition, is totally stale.  It somehow reminds me of what it would be like to eat stale caramel corn that you found under a subway seat.

And then, it starts to bite.  Four months of aging have done absolutely nothing to the bitey factor of this tobacco.  It’s still bites like a French poodle with turpentine on its sphincter.  Again, I am unable to finish the bowl and put the pipe down after about eight draws.  Give it a minute or two to cool off, and take a few more pulls; nope, still bites.

Even the room note I am told is cloyingly sweet with the overpowering incense of burnt coconut.

Basically, this tobacco has absolutely nothing going for it.

Overall, I would say this is a total fail for Drew Estate, and if I were a rating type man, I would get this tobacco a flat-out zero.

You can get it at or for right around $8.25 USD, give or take, but I can’t recommend the tobacco.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

3 thoughts on “Like Eating Caramel Corn from Under a Subway Seat (Drew Estate Grand Central in a Brigham Antique 247)

  1. I gotta disagree I thi k you got a bad can mine smells of faint sweetness and the Burnley shines threw with subtle Virginia notes. No coconut smell or taste in my tin and absolutely have not got poodle burn. I think Ya got a dud tin brother. But that’s just all in my opinion of course. More importantly how do you know “what it would be like to eat stale caramel corn that you found under a subway seat.” lol later man.

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