Smooth and Sweet (Drew Estate 7th Avenue Blonde in a Savinelli Alligator KS 114)

003-592-0001 (1)Well, after my last bad experience with Drew Estate Grand Central, I was a little leery of my can of Seventh Avenue Blonde, but eager to put up a review that didn’t slam something.  I am not much of an aromatic fan, but I was hopeful that this new tin would be something good, or at least tolerable.

Seventh Avenue Blonde is an English aromatic flavoured with a vanilla topping, and the tin note is quite pleasing, leaving me hopeful that the tobacco will at least be a crowd pleaser.

From the back of the tin;

Pack a bowl and head down seventh avenue in Park Slope and you’ll end up like the pied piper of Brooklyn.  This super pleasing aromas captivate in the air, but the exotic blend of tobaccos is what has you coming back for more and more.

Sounds promising!

I load my Savinelli alligator with the tobacco that is quite dry.  I actually opened this can a couple of months ago, and totally forgot about it.  Now, the tobacco has dried out, and loads readily and easily.

No false light here, just a flick of my BIC, and I’m smoking away.

The room note of the tobacco is quite strong, and vanilla is one of those things that I can actually smell, but it is also very pleasant.

The tobacco taste, slightly soured by the oriental/Turkish tobaccos, is not all overwhelmed by the vanilla, and smokes as smooth as you please.  The complex notes that the English blend, are accented highly by the vanilla bean, and I thoroughly enjoyed the bowl for the 35 minutes that I smoke it.

Not much to say about this tobacco, it is just simply a smooth and sweet smoke.

Get it online at or for right around $8.25 USD for a 50 gram tin.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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