Sophisticated? Sure! (Drew Estate Gatsby Luxury Flake in a BMP 001 Olivewood Poker)

Sophisticated, but what does that mean?!

This smoke is pleasantly sweet and mild with just the right mix of Cavendish and Sweet Virginia tobaccos.

Ah, People will think that your some sort of afficionado that is what Sophisticated means….

OK, Drew Estate, your tin descriptions leave something to be desired!

But, fortunately, I already know that I like Gatsby Luxury Flake as this is not the first tin that I’ve opened up.  However, some hint of what is in it would be nice.

Guess I’ll just have to look it up on; list this tobacco as a Virginia/Cavendish flake, medium in strength, un-cased, medium bodied, with a pleasant to tolerable room note.

Well, I pretty much agree wholeheartedly with that assessment.

I’ve rarely get a chance to smoke my Big Mike Pipes 001 olivewood poker, as it has a very large bowl, but I thought that GLF might just be the thing to fill it.

To be honest, I set aside my BMP 001 sometime ago and sort of forgot about it.  Then I was looking for a good pipe to do this review with, as my eyes fell on my olivewood poker.  “That’d be just about brilliant,” I thought to myself as I grabbed it up.

So, I pull out a large flake and proceed to fold it and stuff it into my olivewood poker, preparing for a long, drawn out smoke in the extra-large chamber of the pipe.

While I smoked my pipe, I contemplated how many tins of this blend I had opened up?  So, I dug through my collection of empty cans; apparently this is my fourth can, I guess I’m long overdue for a review of it.

This can is a little more than three months old, and I have another one that I’ve been aging for more than six months now, can hardly wait to see how it ages.003-592-0009

Well, I already said that it is medium strength, medium bodied, with a moderately pleasant room note, but I’m sure that you want to know how it tastes?

The tobacco is un-cased, and the natural grassy taste of the Virginia tobacco is enhanced by the sweetness of the fermented Cavendish.

Like all Virginia based tobaccos, if you smoke it too quick it will bite you, but enjoyed over a slow, drawn out smoke, the palate is simply incredible.

The smoke takes me a good hour to finish it, and by the time I’m done I’m a little buzzed on the nicotine, but that is not surprising with a large bowl of the poker.

Classy, stylish, chic, urbane; these are words that could be used to describe the taste of Gatsby luxury flake, so sophisticated works just as well.

Like all Drew Estate tobaccos, you can get this one at or for right around $8.25 USD for a 50 gram tin.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

One thought on “Sophisticated? Sure! (Drew Estate Gatsby Luxury Flake in a BMP 001 Olivewood Poker)

  1. I’ve yet to try any of the DE offerings and, before reading this, wouldn’t have considered GLF at all: I thought it was an aromatic. It sounds like this is one I’d enjoy though. I suppose that GLF and Meat Pie need to be added to the old wish list now! Nice review.

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