Sutliff Tobacco Company- Academy (Sutliff Private Stock) Review

 The Platonic Academy, founded by Plato sometime after 387 B.C.E, persisted throughout the Hellenic era as a skeptical school. Academic skepticism, which refers mostly to the works of Arcesilaus, promotes the idea that knowledge of things is impossible, that ideas or notions are never true. At the same time, it accepts the idea that there are levels of belief and that these levels provide the framework for people to make decisions.

It’s certainly an interesting concept, one that allows for copious musing. How do we structure our level of belief? If there is no inherent truth in anything, why do we bother existing at all?

There are very few things that pair as well with philosophical thought as well as a pipe. People have been doing it for centuries. The right kind of tobacco is needed for this purpose, though. It must be mild, something that doesn’t bite at you or force you to pay attention.

Sutliff’s Academy blend serves this purpose fairly well, presenting smoke mild enough to allow you to think unabated with just enough taste to remind you that you are actually smoking.

Academy is an aromatic, made up of black cavendish, burley, and latakia.

The tin note is nice. Pure tobacco with a hint of plum and vanilla.

The tobacco was very, very wet right out of the tin, so I had to let it dry for quite some time for it to be smokeable. Not ideal.

After it dried out I put some in my pipe and gave it a light. The room note was sweet and slightly chemically. The smoke was quite wispy,spiraling up in little curls.

This blend tasted lovely. Lots of that traditional aromatic vanilla flavoring. The latakia is a nice touch. Although the tin refers to it as “spicy” I found it to have nothing but the traditional tobacco taste. It blended well with the vanilla, adding a welcome bit of grit.

It’s a testament to this blend that I was able to be so productive while smoking it. Normally, when I smoke, the flavors fill my mouth and cloud the senses. With this blend, I was able to get to work for several hours, which means it satisfied my hopes.

It’s only flaw is the fact that it was sopping wet out of the tin, otherwise I would have given it a higher score. Even then, it’s a solid smoke. Highly recommended if you’ve got work to do.

3 and a half stars

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