Trail Mix Anyone? (Review of MacBaren Modern Virginia – Loose Cut)

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This tobacco opened with the scent of fruits and nuts, very reminiscent of trail mix, as both my wife and daughter put succinctly.
It has the look of shaved caramel tootsie roll, of all things, which makes it very visually appealing, as well.
I packed this tobacco into my old faithful, an S&T Lumberman which has treated me well, with a 3 part pack.  It lit with the first match and stayed lit throughout the smoke.
The flavours of this tobacco did not disappoint after the opening of the tin.  The subtle nut and fruit in the smoke provided a small amount of tongue bite if smoked too hot.  Very nice for long draw, short draw, or sipping, with a smooth, consistent medium smoke.
There was a slight gurgle at the half-pipe mark, though removing the stem and shaking it out did correct the issue.
I did try puffing away like a train, which is not the way to smoke this tobacco.  Although doing this produces a thicker smoke, it also provides a wicked tongue bite and gurgle.  The thick smoke subsides quickly when the draws lessen.
This smoke produces more dottle than I am personally comfortable with, although I may have packed the bottom a little too tight.
All in all a great smoke for anytime.
This great tobacco is available at:
As always, smoke it as you prefer, and I hope that you find the tobacco that best suits you.

One thought on “Trail Mix Anyone? (Review of MacBaren Modern Virginia – Loose Cut)

  1. I agree with your assessment. I did find that after it was opened a week or so and dried out a bit it was a much more pleasant smoke, with less dottle, too.

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