Klondike Gold Flake Tobacco Review

Like almost all pipe enthusiasts I was introduced into the varied world of pipe tobaccos through aromatics. However, as my palate became adapted to the refined taste of premium cigars I sought for a similar delicacy in pipes. I was thus introduced to blends that included latakia, perique and orientals. These stronger and bolder tobaccos had that kick that I was looking for while at the same time retained their delicate profiles. However, aside from Latakia and Perique, blends I found my solace in pure Virginia blends. I find that the mellow and graceful taste of a pure and aged Virginia blend was unmatched. Currently, my favourite pure Virginia blend is Capstan Flake (blue tin), however I picked up a tin of Klondike Flake from a friend and I really think that this may be coming in at a close second to Capstan. The flakes come in the tin very moist, thus I stretched the flakes up gently – without rubbing them out – so as to allow the moisture to evaporate faster. After about an hour I found that the moisture levels were enough that the pipe wouldn’t need many re-lights. I then packed my Mario Grandi Oom Paul with the flakes and headed outside. The tobacco needed a pretty long initial light to get it started, but that was because I enjoy my flake tobacco’s on the thicker side rather than rubbed out. After the initial false light, the primary lighting kept the pipe lit for most of the smoke. The tastes were as refined as the Capstan, but with a hint of earth and plum on the finish. Notes of cedar and sweet vanilla lingered on the draw, and the finish persisted until the next puff. Overall the tobacco remained consistent for the entirety of the smoking experience and the flavours were both as mellow and fresh from beginning to end. This is a definitely worthwhile blend to go for if you enjoy pure Virginia tobaccos. Pick up yourself a tin of Klondike Gold tobacco here at Smokingpipes.com 

By: Steven Umbrello – Senior Editor & Site Manager

6 thoughts on “Klondike Gold Flake Tobacco Review

  1. I’ve not tried either of the blends mentioned in this post. But both sound very tasty, right up my alley, if you will. Looks like two more to add to the never-ending wish list: thanks for being such a swell “enabler”! LOL

    • When it comes to pipes, tobacco and cigars the wishlist is definitely unending. Well, I nonetheless recommend that you try both of these blends. I would buy both at the same time and smoke one right after another,, then cellar both and try them again in another year or so. Unfortunately, when it comes to Capstan, I can hardly wait a year, I usually just finish a whole tin right away 🙂

      • I think I’ll do just that! I am usually – not always – pretty good about dividing a tin: 1/3 to 1/2 for now and jarring the rest to age a bit. Funny thing with me, at least, is that about half the time I seem to enjoy the fresg better than the aged, a good thing in a way I suppose.

        Keep up the great articles, by the way. I really enjoy yhe blog, even when I forget to mention it/press the “like” button; though I’m not a cigar guy so I generally skip or just skim those.

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