A Ray of Sunshine (Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve)

2015-02-01 15.01.43 Another meeting of the Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club!  It was more than time for Kelowna to host, but unfortunately, there’s no good indoor smoking place available.  However, Tad was very clever, and he set up a burning brazier on his deck, and we were able to enjoy our smokes even thought it was snowing out.  I brought a couple of fine stogies along for the ride.  This time I selected a light Colorado wrappered cigar made by the Indian Tabac Cigar Company.

Made by Rocky Patel, I was impressed by the golden Ecuadoran Connecticut tobacco and the faintly buttery wrapper note.  It was wrapped in a cedar spill and finished with an attractive green ribbon that highlighted its bright and colourful label.  I understand the tobacco within is Honduran.  The Limited Reserve is rated as a medium-bodied cigar, which I doubted; Rocky Patel has proven to me that they are hardly for the weak-blooded!  So it seemed like the perfect thing to wake me up on a dreary, snowy afternoon.

Cigars International had this to say:

A sales juggernaut for 11 straight years.

This remains an everyday, easy-going premium for the mild cigar smoker. Consistently well-constructed, smooth and mellow, offering ample flavor that holds your interest time after time. Each IT Ltd. Reserve is draped in cedar, concealing a flawless, Connecticut-seed wrapper leaf underneath. This leaf is grown under Ecuador’s natural mountain mist, yielding an exceedingly smooth wrapper with an oily sheen. The long-fillers are aged 3 full years following cultivation. Post-light, you’ll notice a distinctive, creamy, velvety-smooth taste.

2015-02-01 15.02.28Sounded great!  But I was concerned because I noticed this on the triple cap:

I imagine it’s the leather cigar case I’ve been carrying them around in.  Nevertheless I was going to smoke it!  I punched it carefully with my trusty bullet punch; and amazingly, it held together.

The pre-light draw was somewhat spoiled by the crack, and subsequent tobacco flakes, but the taste was pleasant; buttery and sweet.

I lit the cigar with the cedar spill and it lit perfectly.  The first draw was not as rich as I had hoped, but it was quite enjoyable.  The light butter, clover and honey elements continued, with perhaps a dash of vanilla.  Definitely a good “pick-me-up” cigar with a refreshing taste.  The draw was easy, relaxed, and pleasant.  The first third lasted about twenty minutes.  I admit that I puffed away steadily and smoked it fairly hot, since I was talking animatedly with my fellow and sister aficionados, the draw was so forgiving, and it was cold out.

2015-02-01 15.05.59The second third lasted about twenty-five minutes.  It turned out the “medium” rating was accurate; I was enjoying the lift but not buzzing at all.  I was pleased to note that the stick did not lose any of its butter, and it also managed to pick up a light spicy element.  It reminded me of pumpkin pie somehow . . . nutmeg, maybe?  Not strong enough to be cinnamon or clove . . . At any rate, I found it to be quite a pleasant experience!  It was the perfect compliment for the weather, the conversation, and the coffee I had near the beginning of the afternoon, and the hot apple cigar I had near the end.  I purged it about halfway through.

I left the label on as long as possible because I was afraid of the stick falling apart, so it wasn’t until about the middle of the final third that I removed it.  Amazingly this third lasted twenty-five minutes and, in addition to displaying a gentle and forgiving character that I would recommend even to the complete novice cigar smoker, it stayed together right to the very end!  I eventually tossed my depleted stub into the brazier, where it kept burning even still, until all of it was ashes.

Well, you can’t do better than that, can you?  What a pleasant ray of sunshine on a dreary winter day!  It wasn’t so spectacular that I would run screaming through the street about its praises, but I will most definitely smoke it again and I enjoyed it thoroughly!  In this lady’s perspective, I give this fine stick:

Stars - 4 and a half

The Limited Reserve is . . . limited.  Hard to find.  I got mine in a sampler set at Pipes & Cigars that they no longer carry, but you can get them for yourself at Cigars International for $49.99 USD for a box of 25 coronas.

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