Powder My Nose? (My First Experience with Nasal Snuff)

naturalOK, I realize that it’s a little out of the ordinary for a magazine called Smoking Jacket, I mean, after all the first word is smoking and you do not smoke nasal snuff.

Well, perhaps I spoke a little bit too soon when I said that we’re going to dedicate the magazine to all your “smoking” pleasures.  What I should have said was “reviews and opinions about all your tobacco pleasures”.

That’s because I believe that nasal snuff, though a little aristocratic, is a legitimate method of enjoying tobacco.  Before I tried it, I was on the fence, but open-minded enough to consider the possibility and order a few tins of some American snuff that was said to be easy on the nose.

So I found a site online, called Mr. Snuff, and began researching good “beginner” snuffs.  The first thing I noticed was how incredibly cheap this stuff was.  Mr. Stuff is an England based company, meaning that the tax on tobacco products is considerably higher than the U.S., and still American Silver Dollar Snuff is only $3.99 USD for a 5 g can.  So, of course, I ordered five tins, three different flavours, coffee, licorice, and natural, doubling up on a couple of flavours for trade purposes.

Unfortunately, Royal Mail sucks as bad as Canada Post, and it took almost five weeks for the small package to arrive from England.

So here it is, my experience with nasal snuff;

I ordered the package right around the end of December, and the package didn’t arrive until the 30th of January.  Granted, both Christmas and New Year’s fell in that time.

So when the mailman delivered the package, I was eager to dig in.

So, how do you take a nasal snuff?  Well, the traditional way is to pinch some out and place it on the little bump that appears when you hold your hand straight out, fingers together, with your thumb running parallel to your palm and fingers, where your thumb meets the back of your hand.  This little region is known as the “Snuff Box”.  Then you pinch off one nostril, and bring the snuff-box, with the snuff, up to your other nostril and inhale firmly.

Sounds simple, right?  Well, when you only have one functioning arm is awfully hard to pinch out something and then place it on the back of the same hand, so I improvise.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of how I take snuff, but suffice to say I get one nostril pinched off and get the snuff up to the other nostril.

I started with the coffee snuff, figuring that it was probably the easiest to take.  So, here I go, one, two, three, did I tell you that I was warned that this would irritate the nostril and that I might sneeze?  Sniff!

Irritate the nostril?!  Well, I’ve had worse things up my nose, but this stung for sure.

And then, something happened that made me hooked; the creamy smell of coffee.  If you know me, then you know that I have some brain damage that has hampered my sense of smell.  My sense of smell is very weak, and only works intermittently.  So, being able to smell anything is a bit of a novelty for me.

Then, a moment later, everything seemed to come into greater focus as the nicotine hit my brain.  For the next 10 minutes or so, my brain was buzzing.

All I can say is, wow!

So, now I had to ask myself if the stinging nose and watering eyes were worth the nicotine rush and the novelty of being able to smell something.

Well, I’ve had worse things up my nose, and it doesn’t sting any more than a neti pot, and even that goes away in a second or two, so I guess I’ll try a more difficult snuff.

45 minutes later I tried the natural snuff.  It stung worse than the coffee, but the rush was more immediate and all I could smell is good tobacco.

So, I determined I could get used to it.

My hubby, on the other hand, has a deviated septum and says nasal snuff is like putting battery acid in your sinus, so be warned.

Now, it is five days later and I still haven’t used up the three flavours that I’ve opened, but I have managed trade one of the other ones and get another friend hooked on something.  So, I’ve been doing it every couple of hours for five days and I still haven’t used up $11.97 worth of snuff.  I suspect the tins are half to 2/3 empty now, but I still think I have a couple of days left.

The stinging sensation got less acute as I got used to the snuff, but never entirely went away and though it did not sate my craving for a pipe, I seriously cut down on the number of pipes I’ve smoked.

So, where pipes and cigars are relaxing, nasal snuff is invigorating.  It gets your brain pumping without getting your heart pumping.  So while nasal stuff is never going to replace my pipe, it is something that I have come to enjoy, and will continue to sample other Brands.

So, with 11 flavours to choose from, and easy to medium “snuffing difficulty” and a very modest $3.99 USD price tag, I think I picked a good starter brand in Silver Dollar.

I think I will sample snuffs from around the world and let you know how that goes.

You can get this snuff, all sorts of others, and all sorts of accessories at mrsnuff.com but expect at least five weeks for delivery.

Smoke ‘em, or sniff ‘em, if you got ‘em!

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