Obligations and Writer’s Block (Orlik Club Mixture in a John Hines Custom Skater)

pt-ord0050Sometimes I seriously struggle to bring content on a regular basis to the magazine.  I mean, after all, my writers are all volunteers and I can’t afford to pay them.  That means, when I’m stuck for content, it is up to me to find something to entertain you with.

13,000 people subscribe to this magazine, or at least receive a regular news feed of the magazine’s content.  So when I fail to bring you daily content, I feel little guilty that I have not met my obligations.

And then there are my health issues.  I’m not going to bore you with the details; I know I personally hate it when people unload on me, but suffice it to say I have numerous mental health problems.

In short, depression causes writer’s block, and I’m clinically depressed.  So I’ve been having some trouble writing reviews over the last few weeks, which is depressing, which leads to more writer’s block, which is depressing; see where I’m going here?

In any event, I’ve failed to bring daily content to my magazine subscribers, and I refuse to pump out garbage, because I have more respect for my readers than that.

However, I make this offer and request.  If you would like to write an article for the magazine, I’m accepting proposals and submissions.  I can’t offer you anything yet for your work, except recognition with your name in big letters, but should the magazine start to make some money, it is these contributors that I will be looking to for paid submissions.  Send submissions and proposals to erin@smokingjacketmagazine.com.

But enough of that, I did fully intend to give you a review on top of my appeal.

So, I recently picked up a tin of Orlik Club Mixture and read this from the back of the can;

A Danish Mixture made from fine Virginia tobaccos, mellow Burley and Black Cavendish.  Orlik Club Danish Mixture is mellow with a natural sweetness and a very pleasant room note.  Easy to fill into the pipe, slow burning with a cool smoke.  A supreme smoking experience.  Aroma: Vanilla and coffee  Cut: Mixture

Well, that sounds promising.

I open up the tin and I am greeted with a warm expected aroma of French vanilla coffee and nutty Burley tobacco.

The presentation in the can is a lovely mottled mixture of browns and blacks and tobacco of varying sizes.

As is typical of mixtures, of the tobacco loads readily and easily into my pipe, and the tobacco is not too moist that it can’t be loaded in directly out of the can.

A flick of my soft flame lighter and thick clouds of smoke issued as I puffed on my pipe.

The taste is not as full bodied as I would like, lacking the punch of the more exotic tobaccos such as Latakia or Perique, but is definitely pleasant and I am told the room note reminds one of old coffeehouses where one could sit and smoke a pipe in the back.

I take a few hard puffs on my pipe to see how the tobacco handles a hot smoke only to be disappointed by an immediate tongue-bite.  However, smoked slowly it is a delicious, light bodied blend that can be enjoyed much like a desert.

The tobacco left a little bit too much dottle as far as I was concerned, which reduced to a sticky mess in the bottom of my pipe.

So ultimately all I can say about this tobacco is, it can be enjoyed on occasion, slowly, but is going to leave of sticky mess in the bottom of your pipe.  I will probably finish the tin, but we will see how the other can I have ages, I think we’ll give it a couple years.

I got this tobacco is part of my Pipes and Cigars: Pipe Tobacco of the Month Club double down order, which I highly recommend you sign up for, but if that doesn’t suit you, Pipes and Cigars sells this tobacco for the low price of $6.79 USD for the 50 gram tin.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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  1. I’m still a new subscriber and I also suffer from depression. Pipe smoking has helped me quite a hit the last few months.

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