Smoke for Thought (McClelland Dominican Glory Maduro in a BMP 001 Olivewood Poker)

Rich, dark maduro cigar leaf blended with matured red and stoved Virginia tobaccos.  Pressed in cakes and aged to develop character and marry the flavors, then cut in flakes to be rubbed out to the smoker’s preference.

That’s the description that met me this morning when I got up out of bed.pb-mdb

My sleep-addled brain could barely comprehend those words as I sat; having slept in for what I figured would be an extra 2 hours.

OK, as I said in my last review, writer’s block coupled with depression has kept me from writing over the past few weeks.

So, when I went to bed last night I fully intended on getting up early and forcing myself through a review in a vain attempt to break this writer’s block.

Well, when I got up 2 hours late, I was very disappointed in myself, and that just deepened the depression.

But, I was determined to get something out for your entertainment without creating garbage.  So, I cracked open the can of McClelland Dominican Glory Maduro.

Well, the broken flake presentation of the deep brown tobacco chunks was inviting, but unfortunately the tin had a sour, vinegary note that, in my opinion, seriously left something to be desired and I was disappointed, thinking this review was not going to be very good.

Well, I packed my pipe, a Big Mike Pipes olivewood poker, with the tobacco anyway, though I can’t quite figure out that if I didn’t like the smell of the tobacco, and wasn’t looking forward to smoking it, why therefore did I pick my pipe with one of the largest bowls?  I don’t get it, but it makes one think, what did my senses tell my subconscious that my conscious mind didn’t figure out, but went with any way?

In any event, the tobacco is a very easy load in the massive chamber of the BMP poker, though without rubbing out, it is a little bit of a tricky light.

Then, we get down to the taste.  The only word that I can think of to describe the taste this tobacco is “exquisite”.  This has easily got to be the best Virginia flake that I have ever tried.  In half a dozen puffs, my neurons were firing, and my brain woke up.

By the time I was finished half the bowl, even my depression had abated, for now, and I was feeling happy and cheerful.

And so, when I sat down to write, the words flowed easily off my tongue.

Well, new evidence has pointed to tobacco as a powerful MAO inhibitor, and though I am on a couple of antidepressants, neither are MAO inhibitors, so this tobacco may have had just enough effect to take me over the edge of depression and into normal thought processes.

In any event, it makes you think.

So, by the time I was finished the bowl a little over an hour later, my synapses were firing in extra time, and my body was buzzing, and I felt great!

I acquired this tin about the middle of November, and have been aging it ever since, and a couple of extra months in storage have done nothing to hurt this blend, I can’t wait to see how the other tin ages in about six months.

I acquired these tins as part of my monthly Pipes and Cigars: Pipe Tobacco of the Month Club double down order, but also sells this tobacco in the 1.76 oz tin for $8.88 USD or $15.36 USD for the 3.5 ounce can.

Highly recommended, I’m going to pick up a dozen more tins.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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