Guilty as Charged! (Ashton Guilty Pleasure)

By: Jennica Duncan.

“This glorious mixture of Cavendish, Virginia and Carolina Burley carries an irresistible aroma of vanilla, mango and exotic citrus.”

Ashton and pipeIt’s taken me about 4 months to get around to writing this review. Why you ask? Because every time I filled my pipe with Ashton’s Guilty Pleasure, I was taken deep into my imagination to a tropical island from which I never wanted to leave. Here is my journey:

It was a chilly morning in October when I settled down on my patio to review Ashton’s Guilty Pleasure. Snuggled up in my shawl, finger-less gloves and thick fuzzy boots, I pulled out my favorite pipe. I opened up the tin just as a breeze came my way, wafting the sweet warm scent of this aptly named tobacco right up to the pleasure center in my brain. I shivered with anticipation. I loved the way the golds,browns and almost reds of the tobacco played with each other.  It seemed like it took forever to fill and light my pipe with this tantalizing aromatic tobacco! In truth, it only took 3 flicks of my lighter before there was a lovely, even, red glow inside my pipe.

The first draw of my pipe revealed what I had been hoping; a sweet, smooth, sensual smoke. I let that sit in my mouth for a few moments, catching every little note that draw had to offer. The mango was first; sweet and exotic like uncharted Polynesian islands. Next came the vanilla; warm and inviting like the Yuletide baking I should really have started that day. Finally, on the exhale I found the “exotic citrus” mentioned on the package. I was instantly on some far away tropical beach, lying under the sun while tropical birds sang a beautiful song in the foliage behind me.

The flavour barely changed throughout that entire pipe. The vanilla and mango subtly changed places about half way through. The citrus stayed very light, as a whisper on the exhale I barely noticed when the pipe was finished. It was the first time I had a smoke that I could smoke all the way through without having to break from tongue bite.

I was unable to determine the room note as I was too involved with the smoking of the tobacco, although my neighbor from two doors down called out that it smelled divine. In subsequent pipes where I was able to smoke indoors I noticed that the room note, though warmer and lighter, is not much different from the tin note.

This tobacco has been added to my “regular” cellar. I smoke it at least once at least once a day. I’ve smoked it in the morning after breakfast, and after lunch, but it is truly best suited for watching the sunset with a small nip of mead or mug of hot apple cider. I can’t wait to take it camping and watch the sunset over the lake while propping my feet up in front of a campfire. I think it will bring a wonderful hint of civility to a wonderfully rugged experience.

You want to make sure that this tobacco stays moist, as it becomes quite bitter when dry, like smoking lemon zest in a small amount of tobacco. You can tell by the scent from the tin if it is moist enough.

In closing, this tobacco is a wonderful addition to any cellar. On the charge of creating a delectable, tantalizing tobacco, I find Ashton Pipe Tobacco….. Guilty as Charged!

Tin Note:10/10                   Room Note: 9/10

Flavor: 9/10 (one point taken off for when it’s dry.)


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