Like Smoking a Black Forest Cake (Ole Shenandoah Bootlegged in a Savinelli Alligator 114 KS)

pt-osb0050I’m not usually one for aromatics, as a matter of fact; I find most aromatics to be like smoking chemically treated cardboard soaked in cough syrup.  It generally makes them very hard for me to review with any sort of impunity.  So, to find an aromatic that not only delivers on its promise of confectionery flavors and fruit, that is also bite-free, and good tasting is simply amazing!

The back of the tin promises the following;

Ole Shenandoah Bootlegged is a welcome addition to this series of wonderfully aromatic, bite-free pipe tobaccos.  Soft, nutty Burleys are blended with a good portion of silky black Cavendish and accented by the addition of some lemon Virginia.  The superb aroma comes from a not-too-sweet blend of subtle fruit and warm confectionery flavors – relax and enjoy!

Opening the can I am greeted with the aroma of confectioners’ sugar, perhaps chocolate, and berries that is pleasant and sweet, warm and inviting and reminds me immediately of Solani X – Sweet Mystery.

The presentation of deep mottled browns and near blacks is also warm and inviting and begs me to fill my pipe, which I do; a refinished Savinelli Alligator 114 KS (billiard with saddle bit).

The first few draws upon the pipe deliver on the promised sweetness with a taste of fruit (cherries or black currants) and surprisingly, chocolate.

Why is that surprising, you may ask?  Well, every other chocolate flavoured aromatic tobacco I have ever tasted fails to deliver on that promised taste of chocolate; not bootlegged.

A few more draws and I am reminded of the perception of black forest cake, very pleasant indeed.

The room note is extremely pleasant, scented of chocolate, fruit, and Cavendish tobacco; it adds a fragrant bouquet to the room.

The pipe smokes for about 45 minutes, and about 30 minutes into the smoke is when I realized that it also delivers on its promise of being bite-free, a problem that I generally find with aromatics.

Well, I have to say that impresses me even more!

The other thing that impresses me is the price of this tobacco.  The more expensive drugstore pouches can run as much as $5.99 USD, and this premium tobacco is only $6.99 USD at, and you even get more (1.76 ounces as opposed to 1.5 ounces).

Well, this is a short review, but in conclusion all I can say is; if you are at all an aromatic fan give Ole Shenandoah Bootlegged a try, it is surprisingly good!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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