How Do You Say “Awful” In French? (Sutliff Private Stock French Quarter)

pb-sfhWhen I began to name my reviews, I intended them to be joint reviews of both the tobacco and the pipe that it was smoked in.  That’s why, until now, my reviews of always included a “in a Whatever Pipe” addendum to the title.  But, then I realized that I really wasn’t acquiring a new pipe regularly, so I stopped adding the review of the pipe in.  I mean, how often can you hear that “this pipe smoked really well”?  So, from here on in I’ve decided that I’m only going to add a review of the pipe if it’s a new pipe.

So on with the review;


The French Quarter is never boring; nor is this intriguing mixture of Burley, Black Cavendish and Virginia. Perfect for fans of Bourbon Street.

Well, I can’t say this tobacco is boring.

Just this morning I was thinking that I was for a Sutliff review, as I still have a number of cans that they sent me for that purpose.  So, I dug into my cellar and the first tin that I grabbed was French Quarter “absolutely different pipe tobacco”.

It sounded interesting, and the brief description on was intriguing, so I opened up a can.

The initial aroma from the tin was one of wine-soaked tobacco that reminded me immediately of Old Port pipe tobacco, which isn’t a point against it, as I happen to like Old Port.

The presentation however, left something to be desired.  A simple plain brown, coarse cut can of mostly dry tobacco pieces.

It loaded readily enough and my pipe, but I was forced to re-light it several times in order to get it going.

And once I did get it going, only hard puffing would keep it that way, which led to tongue bite, and a hot flavorless smoke.

I suffered my way through the entire bowl for 35 minutes, and was treated to a wet plug of dottle.

Then, my house woke up, and I was unable to finish this review.  So, in order to write this review I had to suffer my way through another 40 minute bowl.003-442-0005

I am sorry Sutliff, but my opinion French Quarter is “les ordures”!

Others online have disagreed with my opinion giving it as much as three stars out of four, but most reviews rank it at two or fewer stars.

If you think you will disagree, you can get it at or for roughly $6.15 USD for the 1.5 ounce can, and if you find that you do like it carries the 8 ounce can for $15.75 USD.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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    • no, i usually make it sound like it is the first bowl, but i usually smoke 2 – 3 before sitting down, and then smoke one while writing the review

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